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Choice of Music by Sun Signs

Choice of Music by Sun Signs

Life is nothing without entertainment and how can we forget music when we talk about entertainment. Stars help us find out why we like particular type of music. This information will also help you decide what kind of music you can gift to a friend holding particular sun sign.

Leaders love to listen to metallic and hard rock kind of music. This stimulates their active `being’. They also like to listen to leading pop stars and may not touch the old wines. They not only love to listen but also dance along all the night. Arian’s parents might have to cover their ears if kid is listening to music.

Being a fixed sign, steady Bulls like to listen to light music which runs in the background. Country music or the music of 70’s and 80’s can be their favourites. They would love music full of romantic lyrics and soft romantic tunes. Hard rock is not their choice at all. Taurean would love to relax down in sofa or bed and enjoy musical moments.

If you want to listen to good collection, you should approach Geminies. Their hard disks are full of MP3s or they may be carrying music wherever they go, may be in laptop, MP3 storage device or I-Pod, even in their mobile. Good music collectors- Geminies would change moods frequently like wind so may shift from one to another type of music very quickly. Geminies can really be good DJs.

Crabs prefer nostalgic old music. Folk, Classic or Country can be their favourite. Be it any music, it should remind them of their `good old days’. They prefer to listen to music at home, at ease. They are also fond of sharing their music freely with others, so if you like something from their collection; they would not mind burning a CD to gift you. Read more about Cancer.

Lions do not like anything secondary. They would generally prefer biggest bands. Lions will go to the music store with information about hot n hits of current days and buy the CD without thinking for a moment. Kings always love to collect gems, so if you are looking for best gems, get in touch with Leo; you will find all hit music with them. Leo also loves to play and sing along so may have Karaoke system at home.

Ganesha feels that Virgos do not have time for anything that doesn’t help improve their knowledge. They may listen to music only for a while and then find it `waste of time’ so shift to research work, reading or watching documentaries on Discovery Channel, which at least helps them improve their database. Music is almost secondary or last choice for Virgos.

Scales believe to keep balance as basic rule so with kids, they may listen to `Circle of life’ – Lion King and with elders, they may also enjoy Frank Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. When they are alone, they would love to listen to current trend. So, top 10 would be their favourite programme on any Radio Channel. Read more about Libra.

Scorpions love to take dips into music while listening to it. So they may try Trance, Old classics and Symphonies, be it Beethoven, Hyden or Mozart. In normal mood, they would go for dance numbers and mainstream music with lots of attacks and bangs. They love music sung in husky voice or sung at a high pitch like Aretha Franklin’s `Knew you were waiting for me’.

Archers love to collect music from different cultures. They will just listen to anything that is different from what they have heard before. Language is no bar for them but music should touch their `higher mind’. They really can `sense’ music and are generally fond of travelling to places where they can enjoy live music shows, specifically cultural. Read more about Sagittarius.

Capricornians either listen to hot favourites of the current time or to the music which has been into their ears while they were growing up. Once something hits their heartstring, they would just go on listening to it repeatedly. Possessive about their choices, they love to listen to something which relaxes them and yet reminds them of old days like Beach Boys’ `Ba ba ba Barbara Ann’

Social and amicable Aquarians would love to listen to group bands. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like Solo performance at all but in case of Solo, they would go for famous bands only. They dream harmony and change in the world so their preferences can be USA for Africa’s `We are the world, we are the children’ or Michael Jackson’s `Man in the mirror’. They also like sing along classics, no matter if it’s Hindi or English.

Generally likes slow and easy going music. However, their main choice is music which can lead them to the lands of fantasy. They will have lot of emotional attachment with the music they possess. They don’t mind if others borrow, but if you don’t return, sentimental Fish would be hurt! Fish would prefer uplifting melodies and bands. Read more about Pisces.

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