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Change In Name To Change Destiny As Per Astrology

Your name is a significant part of your identity in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that your name is linked to your destiny. Everyone wants to be famous. They want everyone to remember them in the world. It is suggested to have a unique name to get fame. If you change in the letters of your name, then you can get attraction and fortune also. You can remove or add some letters in your name.

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Here are some astrology tips by Ganesha for getting fame and success via NAME:

Our universe is concealed with several hidden treasures and math behind the individual name of a living being by astrology or numerology is one of the enigmatic things.

Math behind the name is connected with our stars, planets and the Milky Way, when a person is born he/she comes directly under the influences of planetary alignment because they control the earth hemisphere and its celestial spheres and it has strong contact with the gravity of the earth, from which all living beings are connected in a form or other.

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Stars, the universe and earth are correlated with one another at a deeper level, and it works in sync so unsurprisingly, and the movement of planets affects our karma or action as a result, and it also affects the whole environment as well.

For better understanding, our constellation has nine planets, 27 Nakshatras or stars and each planet has three stars concealed within the self so if you multiply 9*3 it gives the result 27.

A person born with a specific star (it calculated as per the birth details) or nakshatra under the karmic cycle or circle and that particular star is associated with a planetary sign. Each sign has particular letters which are connected with the star and planetary alignment.

Each sign has particular letters which are connected with the star and planetary alignment.

Aries is connected with the letters A, L, E, I, O
Taurus is associated with the letters B, V, U, W
Gemini is related with the letters K, CHH, GH, Q, C
Cancer is linked with DD, H
Leo sign is allied with M, TT
Virgo sign is connected with P, TTHH
Libra sign is associated with R, T
Scorpio sign is related to N, Y
Sagittarius sign linked with BH, F, DH
Capricorn sign is allied with KH, J
Aquarius sign is connected with G, S, Sh
Pisces sign is strongly connected with D, CH, Z, TH

Apart from all this, these meticulous letters are connected with particular moon sign, and the moon is the significant factor of one’s mindset.

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Change in name creates lots of positive changes in nature, attitude, behaviour, mindset and mainly luck aspect of an individual. Furthermore, the planet moon is the nearest to the earth, so it has more effect on human nature and living beings. The straight influences from the moon are strongly connected with the earth so as per Vedic Astrology name should be given as per moon sign respectively.

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It is believed that repentance of word becomes affirmation or mantra in totality so if you change the name the positive effect or the whole power entirely transform one’s fate and luck, so changes in the name come with several pros.

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There are certain methods in astrology and numerology to change the names,m and it is highly advisable to consult an astrologer before making changes in your name since they would be helping you with their best of knowledge and sacred experiences as well.

In short, you would now have understood how the alphabets of your names are related to the zodiac signs & Nakshatra. Most of you would have seen that celebrities often change their name & name spelling. As Akshay Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Mallika Sherawat did and many more stars are there in the film industry who have changed their name & name spelling to get success in films. There is no doubt that after changing their names they got the success in films also.

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