Celebration of holi by different sun signs

Holi- the festival of colours is celebrated every year a day after the full moon in early march. This is a festival of good harvest and fertility of land. Like any other Hindu festival, there is a story attached to Holi as well.

Once upon a time, there was an arrogant king called Hiranakashyapa who resented his son Prahalad worshipping Lord Vishnu. In the wake to stop his son, he tried to kill him several times but failed in his efforts. Finally, he took the help of his sister Holika who was immune to burning because of the boon given to her by Lord Shiva. Holika sat in fire with Prahalad in her lap. The result was that while Holika burned to death, Prahalad came out of the fire unhurt. This is the reason why huge bonfires are burnt on the eve of Holi all over the country. This also symbolizes the end of evil and the victory of good.

In Mathura, people celebrate Holi to pay tribute to the immortal love of Lord Krishna and Radha. It is celebrated for 16 days with folk music and dance and processions. The festival begins on the night of full moon. On Holi, people worship the Holy fire. The next day is known as Dhuleti, in which people play with colours of different types. People throw Abeer and Gulal on each other. The whole atmosphere becomes joyous and colourful, as different colours can be seen on the streets on this day.

The festival is associated with colours, food, fun and above all brotherhood, as people forget their past grudges on this day. It will be correct to say that this Festival of Colours fills Colours in everyone’s life. Now, let us have a look into how different sun signs will celebrate this Festival of Colours:

Arians would be the first one to start playing Holi. They may shout aloud `Holi hai’ and invite everyone to join them. As it is, they love to lead groups. So, on Holi also they will not miss the chance to form and then lead group of friends.

Taureans may properly use this Holiday and may start the Holi-Day a little late. However, they would love to play Holi with everyone very gracefully with usage of different colours. They may have more opposite-sex friends who may love to accompany them on this day.

Geminians may have more than one plan for the day. Their groups may be different, specifically one having more amount of opposite sex. They would love to use different colours and their choice of colours would also be noticeable. However, what they like the most is getting their shirt or T-Shirt coloured with different shades. They will also play nice numbers on CD player besides playing Holi

Cancerians would love to invite everyone at home and may have all necessary arrangements done well in advance. They themselves do love to play Holi with more of water colours – meaning water and colours mixed. They would be the best Host for the day with delicious food that anyone would like.

Leos may have more than one invitation for the day. They may take decision after weighing all the pros and corns of joining a particular group. They will not like to play Holi for the entire day but you may find them in Cinema Hall watching some movie on that day with their slightly coloured face.

Virgos may have perfectly planned day. Holi might also be a day on which they may also do Public Relation activity. To those whom they have never met for long, they may meet on the day of Holi – say will re-establish the contact. They will not use very harsh colours and would make sure that these colours do not irritate their skin.

Librans may need to find proper company to play Holi. However, they do get along well with any group. They will be able to have true fun on this day. If you have a Libran around, you will surely have rhythm playing around you too. They would prefer original Dhol – Baaja type of music instead of metallic CD player music.

Scorpions do like to play Holi but you may need to `pull’ them a lot. Once they watch people playing Holi, they can’t resist. It may actually depend a lot on their mood. They would love to sit in company of their beloved if they have one – instead of playing Holi on a Holi-Day.

Sagittarians may love to celebrate Holi with various colours and people from various cultural backgrounds. They can also make foreigners experience the fun of Holi. They may be playing folk songs while everyone is enjoying Holi. If someone is not convinced to play Holi, ask a Sagittarian -he would surely motivate that person to play with colours.

Capricornians may play Holi for a while and then may try to be back in their original and natural form as they do not like to be untidy for a long time. If at all they arrange gathering on the day of Holi, it might be a part of public relation activity. However, they do have large heart to treat everyone very delightfully.

Aquarians may have many friends and many groups too. They can not just sit at home and prefer to enjoy Holi with best available colours. They may travel just to enjoy Holi. They may also make best use of this Holiday.

Pisceans would surely take dips in water filled with different colours on this day. If they invite people at their home, all their colours will be used for the enjoyment of others and they themselves may be able to use it very less as they have a lot to offer and prefer to keep very little for themselves. They can be very sweet host for the day of Holi with lot of love and care.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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