Cancer – 14 Ways You Stamped Your Identity In 2014

Cancer – 14 Ways You Stamped Your Identity In 2014
1. Time and again you proved, with the help of your hard outer shell, that your soft inner-side cannot be taken for granted.
2. While your colleagues were at their wits’ end, you came up with the brilliant ideas that produced the magic results.
3. Most of these times, you relied not so much on your intellect, but strongly upon your intuition.
4. Somehow, even when you were too preoccupied with your professional work, you managed to squeeze out some quality time for your family and your home – you so are in love with.
5. You proved your unstinting loyalty to the people who helped you or the special ones who qualified as your true friends…
6. …and your immense generosity when you went out of your way to help others.
7. This raised your public esteem immeasurably, but you managed to largely keep your humility intact 🙂
8. Your creativity came to the fore every time you so lovingly decorated your home (or office) on festivals or special occasions.
9. Even in the face of adversity where a lesser person would have caved in to depression, you managed to stay level-headed…or at least, put up a staid face for the world to see.
10. You sailed through the year mostly with the help of your own set of skills, without depending too much on others.
11. Your fear of rejection…once again..may have cost you a great romantic opportunity….and maybe a chance to tell your heart’s desire to your soul-mate.
12. On the odd occasion, you may have experienced a fleeting sense of jealousy at the success or carefree nature of someone else.
13. Your wild mood swings may have alienated some of your closest friends…for at least the time being..till you wowed the them back, given you tried!
14. You may have been over-protective of your near and dear ones, and, yet again the events during the year may have proved that you were right in doing so.

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