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Can You Get Rich off Stocks? – Quick Astrological Guide to Create Wealth

Investing is not nearly as difficult as it looks, do you think “can you get rich off stocks?” then let me answer you Yes, but successful investing involves doing a few things right and avoiding serious mistakes. Investing money in the stock market is the best way to grow wealth over the long-term. But that’s only true if you avoid mistakes — and unfortunately, many natural tendencies of people can seriously handicap their ability to get rich on the stock market. And astrologically sometimes there might be an error in the birth chart and planetary positions which can create an obstruction from amassing wealth.

The thought of investing in the stock market scares everyone. False promises and highly public stories of investors striking it rich or losing everything skew perceptions of the reality of the average investor. By understanding a little more about the stock market – and how the stock market works – you’ll likely become rich by investing in stocks. It isn’t as scary as you may think and that it’s a viable investment. stock market is a risky gambling business, fates of people change in stock market like the tide in sea, one can become a millionaire or a beggar depending on the horoscope, you win sometimes, you lose the other time this win and loss are the two sides of the same coin, but one should be careful not to invest money which one cannot afford to lose, it is a risky business and a few taste permanent success here.

That is when financial astrology in stock market has a way to solve these issues. At Ganesha Speaks the experts will provide guidance with regard to the stock market and tell you when would be the right time for investing. Let’s understand how financial astrology impacts and can be helpful for one’s stock market investments.

Saturn is the significator of Investment whereas Mars is the significator of enterprise and ambitions.

If a native has Mars placed in the 1st house, 2nd house, 5th house or in 11th house, the native tends to be inclined towards speculations. If Venus is in conjunction with Mars, then the native will surely indulge in speculations.

The fifth house of chart signifies Speculations. If the 5th house and its Lord both are powerful or any powerful planet placed in the 5th house ,the native may get success in speculations.

Sometimes debilitated Mars in the 11th house may fetch good profit out of speculations.

Owning stock in a company means owning part of that company. So a shareholder is practically a partner in the company.
According to Vedic Astrology the 7th house is the house of Partnership. Venus is the significator for partnership. Saturn is the ruler of industry and the significator of investment as well.

Following are the Basic Yogas to get success in Stock Market:
1) The Lord of 7th house is placed in the Ascendant, 2nd house or in 11th house
2) Saturn is placed in the Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius or otherwise powerful
3) Venus and Saturn are in conjunction and placed in the Ascendant, quadrant or trine
4) The exchange between Venus and Saturn
5) Native should not have 6-8 ratios between Saturn and Venus.
6) If Saturn and Moon are powerful and well aspected mutually

If the native has favourable planetary configurations for speculation/trading/investing in stock market, the desired gain will be seen during favourable transit of planets and positive Mahadasha periods.

Stock market is the most valuable place for those who are trading shares on a daily basis. Everybody wants their speculation report to give successful results but this might be a dream for some. Financial stock markets and astrology are connected and its proven many a times. At Ganesha Speaks, the experts will scrutinize what’s there in your birth chart and horoscope and help you with a suitable path to follow resulting in a prosperous life.

What if the movement of the planets in relation to Earth could foretell whether an investment will be a boom or a bust? And what if you could use that information like technical and fundamental data to pick when to enter a market? Well this is exactly what the experts at Ganesha Speaks do; they examine every fine detail on your birth chart and keep you informed about the time to invest in stocks.

Investing in Stocks has become very popular among masses; and almost everyone is looking to try his luck in shares and stocks. The answer of how to earn from stock market depends upon a lot of factors like your financial capacity, ability to work under pressure and take appropriate decisions, health, knowledge about basic trading principles, experience in trading etc. But, the main requirement to be successful in stock or share market trading is your luck and fortune. Astrology readings of the horoscope can easily indicate if a person is destined to have financial gains financial astrology helps greatly in this regard, while propelling you in the right direction in terms of your money and its management. These are the aspects of finances that you talk to our experts about and we assure you detailed and specific answers to all your questions.

Some people use fundamental analysis of the companies to invest in their shares. Other people use technical analysis to understand the behavior of the masses towards the stock prices. Both these methods have their advantages, yet they fail to see the uncertainties of the future events. Astrological analysis of a stock-chart can provide useful insights about the future performance of a stock, and should be used in conjunction with the fundamental and technical analysis.

Keen to know whether your investment in stocks will prove to be beneficial or not? This is the place where you will find a solution to all your financial problems. Our experts are not only used to answering questions along these lines, but have studied financial astrology intensively for years galore.

They will give you the most practical advice, guiding you to the right path with respect to your monetary management.
You also have the freedom to choose the language you are most comfortable in between English, Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati. You will be able to ask the question in this language and the response will also be along the same lines. Moreover, it will come in less than 24 hours and will contain minimum astrological jargon.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team