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Chi is the natural energy of universe. Chi (chee) is a subtle flow of electromagnetic energy, which links all things in the universe.

Some situations produce unhelpful types of chi, causing problems for a building’s occupants, and even physical or mental ill-health. Some of the unhelpful types of chi are as follows:

1. Negative Chi: Certain buildings or decorating materials have a negative effect on chi energy; synthetic fibers, synthetic building materials, artificial lighting and air conditioning all add their own artificial chi energy, which negatively influences the chi energy of the occupants and could lead to mental and physical exhaustion.

2. Stagnant Chi: Slow-moving and stagnant chi­ is produced by dark corners, cluttered rooms and dampness. They can lead to a slowing down of your personal chi energy, which may cause serious health problems and a loss of direction in your life.

3. Fast-Flowing Chi: Chi energy moving quickly in a straight line can destabilize the flow through an entire building; so long corridors, straight paths or several features in a straight line should be avoided. Fast-moving chi energy directed towards you could push away some of your own chi­ energy, making you feel insecure and under attack.

To appreciate how chi energy in the environment influences you, it is necessary to understand how it moves within your own body. It flows through it in much the same way as blood. Along the center of the body are seven concentrations of energy called chakras, which are similar to large organs where blood concentrates. Spreading out from the chakras are 14 paths of chi­ energy known as ‘meridians’. These flow along your arms, legs, torso and head. Like blood vessels and capillaries, they take chi energy to smaller and smaller channels until each cell is nourished by both blood, and chi energy.

While blood carries oxygen and nutrients, chi­ energy carries thoughts, ideas, emotions and your dreams in life. It also carries some of the chi energy from the environment. Therefore, what you think and where you think will have a direct influence on the cells in your body. The influence of the mind on physical health is well established. Many people have experienced the benefits of positive thinking and some claim to have used it to recover from serious illness. Similarly, people have been healed by moving to a new location. Traveling to spa towns or locations with special healing properties has a long tradition.

Many factors affect the chi energy that comes into your body – among these are food, weather, and the people you are with. In Feng Shui terms, the primary influence is the chi energy of the environment. This includes your home, your work place and the surrounding landscape. A building itself also has an influence. Being in a large ornate building, such as a museum or cathedral, can be inspiring, exciting and stimulating. Whereas a small cozy place such as a cottage, cafe or bar is more relaxing and intimate. A building’s location also helps shape the kind of chi that enters your body. The chi energy in rural areas is different from that in a city, and traveling to other parts of the world also gives you the chance to experience very different kinds of chi­ energy.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,