Blue Sapphire Stone Benefits | Complete Astrology Guide

Blue Sapphire stone is one of the Navratna and also one of the strongest and fastest acting gemstones. Blue Sapphire gemstone, otherwise called Neelam stone is a very powerful gemstone with extravagant qualities and look. The sparkling Blue Sapphire Stone is one of the most precious gemstones and possesses the energy of Lord of karma and a strict teacher Saturn. Hence, the stone has the power to flourish or diminish the life of the wearer. The stone is the second hardest natural material available after diamonds. The color of Neelam stone varies between dark and light blue, based upon its hue and saturation.

Astrological benefits of wearing a Blue Sapphire

  • The wearer may experience instant effect by way of gain in wealth, resolution to a problem, windfall gains, etc. The stone gives fruitful results in social, professional and marital life.
  • Blue Sapphire can bless the wearer with abundant wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Also, the financial loss incurred in the past can be recovered.
  • The wearer will have peace of mind as Neelam stone has the ability to relax the mind. A calm mind and soul will help the natives to make the right decisions. Also, he/she will experience clarity in thoughts so there will be no confusion or doubts in the mind of the wearer.
  • The stone will enhance the focus and the determination of the wearer.
  • Neelam stone possesses the power to remove the negativity and all the unknown fears saving the natives from severe depression. The wearer will feel an increase in his/her self-confidence and gain mental balance.
  • Blue Sapphire stone gives many health benefits to the wearer. The stone helps to recover all the ailments of the stomach and improve the digestive system as well. It helps to avoid and overcome stress, anxiety, and depression related symptoms. Also, the stone helps in handling nerve-related tensions and neurological disorders. Health problems such as bronchitis, paralyzes, gout, insanity, and rheumatism can be recovered by wearing Blue Sapphire. The stone also shows effective results on the curing of problems related to the secretive system, bones, knees, teeth, feet, and ribs. Healing properties of gemstones will help you to know more about the hidden powers of the stone.
  • The wearer will be able to appease Saturn and can earn name, fame, fortune, and money. The natives can boost their financial position as Saturn can directly impact the wealth of an individual. They can have additional or multiple sources of income and can also achieve financial stability in business and home.
  • Blue Sapphire stone is considered as a highly protective gemstone. The wearer gets protection against theft, terror, accidents, and problems caused due to natural calamities like storms, fire, etc. It also gives protection from enemies, evil eye, hexing, and jealousy. Blue Sapphire becomes the shield for the wearer and protects him/her from all the dangers. 

For enjoying the above astrological benefits, it is very important that Blue Sapphire stone should suit the wearer because it is suitable for only 40-50% of the people even after expert recommendations. So, Blue Sapphire stone is recommended by the expert astrologers with due caution as it possesses the energy of a Karmic planet Saturn according to Vedic astrology. Saturn major and minor periods can reward or crush the life of the natives. Therefore enough care must be taken while wearing the Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone. The wearer should wear authentic and 100% naturally certified blue sapphire stone and that too at the right time.

Who should wear Blue Sapphire?

  • Blue Sapphire stone is a birthstone for September. Neelam stone is not limited to Capricorn and Aquarius natives. 
  • The stone will enhance the focus and the determination of the wearer. Hence it is recommended students and professionals working amidst an academic environment as it will give immense benefits to them. 
  • The stone will be beneficial to the politicians and the natives whose work is dependent on public support. 
  • Saturn being divine and Karmic planet gives immense benefits to the individuals who are very spiritually inclined. The stone improves meditation, helps in introspection, and self-realization. It becomes their companion in their spiritual journey.
  • The stone has the power to balance crown chakra in the human body where the Kundalini unites with cosmic energies.
  • Neelam stone has the power to open up the Ajna Chakra. This chakra can open up the pituitary gland and builds imaginative and creative abilities. So the stone is beneficial to the individuals who want to excel in arts, architecture, literature, journalism, and other professions that demand art and creativity. The individuals who are involved in a creative field like direction, acting, dance, drama, cinematography, and also martial arts will be benefited in excelling their career by wearing Blue Sapphire.
  • It will also benefit surgeons, astrologers, doctors, scientists, writers, and mechanical engineers as the stone empower them in enhancing their skills and knowledge. It also helps them to tackle critical and challenging situations with ease.

Blue Sapphire would give relief from the malefic effect of which planet and which Maha Dasha

The stone gives immense results during Saturn Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha. The stone can show miraculous results to the natives who are going through the Sade Sati period. Neelam stone benefits the wearer during this tricky and challenging period. The wearer will be able to knock off all the stagnancy and gloominess that engulfs in the life of the natives during this period. The natives can explore the Sade Sati report to overcome all the stagnancy and gloominess in the path of success. The gemstone will give instant relief to the natives by infusing energy and enthusiasm in the wearer and also enhancing his metabolism and the pallor of gloom going away during the Sade Sati phase.

When, Where, How and What type of Blue Sapphire should be worn?

  • The wearer should wear Blue Sapphire stone (Neelam stone) with a minimum weight of 2 carats. 
  • The stone gives positive results only if it is worn in a Silver or Platinum ring or pendant. The stone should never be worn with a gold ring or pendant as it gives negative results. 
  • Blue Sapphire stone should be worn on a Saturday in the middle finger of the right or the left hand. The stone can also be worn during an eclipse. The wearer should keep the stone in a bowl of milk for about an hour and then in rose water to energize the stone.
  • The substitutes of Blue Sapphire stone are Blue Spinel, Amethyst Stone, and Blue Topaz stone. The natives who can not effort the extremely high price of the precious stone can wear their substitutes to gain benefits. Definitely, the substitutes are less effective then Blue Sapphire stone.
  • Blue Sapphire can bless natives with wealth, name, fame, good luck, opportunity, and promotion within 1 day to a month of wearing it.

Closing Note

Blue Sapphire stone is governed by the strongest and naturally malefic planet, Saturn. So the stone should never be worn without consulting an expert astrologist and judging the suitability.