Black Berry vs Nokia

BlackBerry has been trying hard to sell its products in India. Started with tie up with AirTel, now they are also with Hutch. It is a mobile which keeps you relaxed when you are out of office, as it has Emailing and other required facilities. BlackBerry’s percolation has started affecting Nokia’s business. Ganesha notes that Numerological total of Black Berry is 5 ruled by Mercury – the significator of communication. Whereas total of name Nokia is 7, ruled by Neptune. Ganesha feels that BlackBerry will surely affect Nokia’s market in major way in the current year 2007 ruled by Mars and even in next year 2008 ruled by Sun. In the months of July and September 2007, BlackBerry may come up with new marketing strategies which will help them capture the market easily. Nokia may come up with new products to compete with BlackBerry by the month of September 2007, says Ganesha. Even though Nokia’s progress seems to be affected, BlackBerry will not be able to capture huge markets in India like Nokia.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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