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Topaz The Game-Changer Birthstone for Scorpions

Being one of the most powerful and influential horoscope sign, Scorpio possesses great qualities and forces. The planet Pluto and Mars rule this sign. People born in Scorpio horoscope has an abundance of power, and their birthstone is Topaz.

With Scorpio birthstones, you can unleash the great qualities that are already within you. Topaz allows you to uncover your personality secrets and gets you on the path of success.

If you are a Scorpio sunshine and are experiencing the imbalance in your life, Scorpio stone is what you need. It helps in purifying and refining the detrimental effects and boosts your persona with positive energy.

Scorpio is a water sign that signifies strength from their emotional and physic realms. Most scorpions have incredible passion and forces. Similar to other water signs like cancer and pieces, Scorpio also has intuitiveness and are clairvoyant. Scorpio personalities are very smart in identifying the correct opportunity and proves to be an excellent player. They are great planners and take calculative steps to ensure that they get everything they have planned in some cases, where scorpions are unable to recognize their hidden source of energy and qualities. Scorpio birthstone provides enough positive lift to discover their true potential and protects them from any negative celestial moves in their zodiac sign. Topaz enables you to understand the unreality of matter and the eternalness of the spirits around you. Also, it provides the wearer greater ability to be aware, focused and creative in their life.

Topaz is a magnificent gem with extravagant qualities. The crystalline and unique colour has inspiring and stimulation powers on the person who wears it. This powerful Scorpio birthstone emits golden light that has an aura similar to a saint. It purifies and transforms the sensibilities to the individual who wears it. Often, it induces the magnetic charm in the personality of Scorpio individuals. Topaz is an extremely lucky stone for scorpions to boost their innate talent and qualities.
If you believe in astrology, it is better to talk to astrologer and know more about the Scorpio horoscope birthstone. For providing you with more clarity, we have come up with some questions and answers format for detailed understanding given by our expert astrologer.

Scorpio birthstone colour is mostly yellow. Yellow Topaz for this ruling planet is Jupiter; it is known for the divine grace and considered as the beneficial natural planet, it also gives prosperity, wisdom, and happiness in life. It is important to activate this gemstone before wearing it. To attain the desired results from gemstones, it is necessary to energize it.

Here, Vedic Mantra and vidhi used for the activation is must, because awaken the stone power. Moreover, Mantra removes the negativity, which is absorbed by the gemstone during the mining process to it, according to Indian Vedic Astrology!

A simple and effective method is to wash the gemstone with Gangaajal and recite the Beej Mantra of Jupiter with the turmeric or Rudraksha rosary 108 times. All this procedure should be done on the Thursday in front of Lord Vishnu idol. After completing one mala, wear it in the index finger.

Weight of every gemstone matters a lot because gemstones are prescribed to boost the energy of planets. An expert Astrologer assesses the strength of Jupiter, then accordingly gemstone weights are decided, that what exact weight of carat needs to be prescribed. In another way, carat is like a dose of medicine, and the dose depends upon the severity of illness. Likewise, carat is a calculated dose for every planet to boost its strength properly.

For the Scorpio Ascendant, Jupiter remains the lord of auspicious houses and responsible to bring happiness, gains, and prosperity in life. It is friendly to the Scorpio Ascendant, by proper analysis of the chart help the Astrologer to deduce the exact required weight of Yellow Topaz.

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Yes, if Jupiter is friendly to the other horoscopes, then it can be worn. Jupiter is friendly to Mars, Moon, and Sun, if someone is having compatible Ascendants to Jupiter or having lordships of it to the auspicious houses in the natal chart then, anyone can wear confidently Yellow Topaz to get auspicious and desired results in life. Whereas, some other factors are must before moving ahead for the Yellow Topaz because here if Jupiter occupied the unfavourable positioning in the natal chart then, it should be avoided, then get help from Yantra or Mantra.

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