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Know About Your Birthday Cake As Per The Zodiac Sign

Know About Your Birthday Cake As Per The Zodiac Sign

Everyone loves cakes, and when it comes to birthday cake, the level of excitement takes a new high. The cake is a vital part of every culture, and almost all occasions are enhanced with a cake. However, the theme of birthday and cake are totally inseparable. The creamy delicacy is just enough to bring a smile on everyone’s face. The cake has been usually linked with colour, flavour and even shape. With so many elements on the list, deciding on a particular birthday cake seems hard at times as the primary consideration is to bring a smile on the face of the person for whom the cake is being made.

To add to the already long list of pointers, there is an angle which is missed out by many- the Zodiac aspect. Yes! You heard it right. It is commonly believed in astrology that the preferences of any person are influenced by the zodiac. The best bet to get around the same is to pick the best features and traits associated with the sun sign, and you will be able to arrive at the best cake which is also suitable for your zodiac. Let us take up every sign and see what is the best cake they can bring home on their D-day?

Aries are known for fun and surprises. They love the things which surprise them so when it comes to a birthday cake; the things are no different. As adventure is the second nature of these people, so definitely a cake which is a clear combination of two or more flavours works the best. A Chocolate Lava Cake can be the best to tingle the thrill inside. Remember, Vanilla, Strawberry or any other traditional flavours do not go down this sign easily.

The most promising trait of the zodiac is that they are highly dependable and trustworthy. So, one cake which goes for every place and occasion, or in other words, is highly dependable is the Chocolate Cake. It truly aligns with your spirit.

Fun and wit, smart, dynamic and happy-go-lucky are what describes you the best. One of the cakes which is packed with as much life and vitality is the Blueberry Cake or an Ice-Cream. Although you have many different sides and shades which make your preferences on a shifting mode, this cake gets the best out of you as it matches your rest.

Deeply rooted in emotions which are hard to decipher by your friends and family. You are a home person and love to see everything in the natural essence, something which is close to home-made preparations. The good old, freshly baked Cheese Cake truly satisfies your soul, as it reminds you of your home flavours or your grandma’s recipe.

King Leo always needs attention. Their life is a show of elegance and strength. The cake which will best fit their charisma and the ability to charm will be the Red Velvet cake. Unique and flavorful, the cake is going to keep the Leo glued till the last bite.

The Virgo person is known to be highly caring. Another notable trait they have is the Virgo will be an introvert and will not want to mingle much with the people. A decadent Chocolate Crepe Cake or Cup Cakes, sleek and with no fuss as it comes with minimal toppings.

Librans have a high taste and are fond of exquisite things. So, the level of perfection is only met by the Fruit Cake, which is totally in alignment with the style and the charm. The finish of the cake appeals more than the real taste.

Fierce and determined yet cool, scorpions are highly intense and secretive. Powerful, yet someone who loves old times, scorpions are hard to decipher. So, a cake should be an exotic Chocolate Cake which is loaded with luxe ganache is sure to make the heads turn and the mouth water.

This zodiac is said to be born for the love of travel. Likewise, the cake will also be inspired by the panache and touch of lands far and wide. Tres Leches cake is best suited to move their senses.

A Capricorn is a go-getter endowed with a lot of patience and definitely dependable to the core. The tastes of a Capricorn person are most defined by an old-fashioned Bundt Cake. Latter matches the dependability and poise so marked of the sun sign.

Aquarians are known for being original, creative, free-spirited and highly imaginative. Being an adventure-loving person, Black Forest Cake waffles will best match the wild spirit and serve as a perfect treat.

Highly empathetic, docile, and intuitive the Pisceans are known to have a very creative imagination. You appreciate beauty and dreams. An extraordinary Unicorn Cake or a Rainbow Cake is a perfect dish for you.

Let us Ask our Experts about some essentials about Birthday Cakes based on Zodiac signs:

1. What is the astrological significance of Zodiac sign-based birthday cakes?
Birthday cakes are the most charming element of a birthday celebration. A birthday cake based on the Zodiac signs will only add to the charm of the event and bring in untold happiness to the birthday person.
2. Are there any kinds of negatives associated if one orders a birthday cake of a flavour favourable to some other sun sign?
No, there is no negative associated if you order/ consume a cake which is not matched to your sun sign.
3. What are the cues to which one should pay attention to while one orders a particular zodiac determined cake?
Flavour and colour are the most important aspects which one should consider while ordering any cake determined by Zodiac.
4. Is it necessary to consider all cues like colour, flavour, layer, shape, etc. while ordering cakes? Is it gender-specific as well?
It is not necessary to consider all the cues like colour, flavour, layers, shape, etc. while ordering cakes. However, including the maximum, other personal cues can go a long way to win the heart of the birthday person.

Birthday cakes carry a lot of significance in the birthday celebrations and are often selected after a lot of forethought taking even the minutest details into mind. Over and above if one also takes care of these subtle details suggested by the zodiac signs, the whole occasion will turn into absolute bliss for the birthday person. Every zodiac sign indicates certain specific cues as to what kind of birthday cake will be enjoyed by the person. Try out these and for more information or queries about the significance of the zodiac signs on the birthday cake, you can talk to our Astrologer.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team