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Beware! Debilitated Mercury’s transit can change the course of your life

Mercury governs communication and intellect. From 7th March to 28th March, 2011, transiting Mercury will be debilitated, and thus weak. In such a
scenario, there are chances of miscommunication and misgivings while Mercury transits through Pisces. Because it rules intellect, students will have to be very careful. Ganesha strongly advises all students to be extremely alert, especially while taking an examination. Those in job or business will also have to be extra careful in both written and verbal communications, or else it can create problems by sending out wrong signals.

Debilitated Mercury makes one prone to diseases related to the skin. It can also lead to insomnia, nervous breakdown or loss of memory if it is afflicted in your Natal chart or if it is afflicting any of the planets in your chart while transiting through Pisces. Debilitated Mercury also indicates an emotional
overdose. As intellect will be at a low ebb, emotions will dominate during the phase. You may end up expressing yourself in unusual ways. This doesn’t mean that this remains with you permanently, it’s just a passing phase. Mercury’s debilitation also indicates problems in earning. This doesn’t mean that the afflicted person wouldn’t be able to earn, but that he/she will find it difficult to be financially steady. This is mainly because Mercury also governs trade.

Sometimes, debilitated planets can also prove to be of advantage. For example, fallen (debilitated) Mercury in the 4th House gives an exalted aspect to the 10th House of Karma, which can make one very good in fact profound in communications related to business. Although it weakens the 7th House in this case (being Sagittarius ascendant in this example) it would give the native scope to perform very well in sales and marketing areas.

Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces between 15 to 20 degrees. The deepest debilitation (Param Neechansh) is at 20 degrees of Pisces.

If Mercury is retrograde, then these results wouldn’t apply.

In short, transiting Mercury’s debilitation can change the course of your life, if you aren’t careful.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team