Bejan Daruwalla predicts the Rough and Tough

Ganesha says that the going may not be smooth sailing from July 23 to August 23 for the following reasons.

  • There are chances of terrorist attacks and explosions in various places.
  • The national leaders of Pakistan, India, England, Lebanon, Israel
    and Germany may face difficulties regarding important decisions.
  • The Share Market will be turbulent with many ups and downs. Prices in gold and silver will also keep wavering.
  • Natural Calamities such as floods, famines and earthquakes are expected.
  • Film celebrities will have a rough phase due to health related problems and flops.
  • Masses will have disappointments on a whole.

All these events will not happen together and I hope I go wrong. I am not a prophet of doom.

Effect of No.8 – the astro analysis

The no.8 is ruled by the planet
Saturn which represents death and destruction. Also according to the
tarot, it signifies justice. As August is the 8th month and also the
year 2006 adds upto 8, people will be doing the most terrible things
for the sake of justice.

By Western Astrology, the
conjunction of Sun-Saturn , August 7; sun-opposition Neptune, August
11; Mars-Uranus opposition will be responsible for it.

Tarot for Mumbai

The Tarot Card for Mumbai is 18
which depicts a hungry wolf and dog having drops of blood in their
months with the rayed moon above the animals. It represents danger from
the elements-storm, water, fire and explosion.

Number 18 shows explosion and floods by Hebrew Kabala of Numbers. Bombay was a much better name.

I hope I go wrong in my bad and dire predictions.


It is a temporary phase. By 2007 specially September everything will be smooth sailing.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,