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Become a ‘Sadhaka’ to attain pure bliss, suggests Ganesha

Become a ‘Sadhaka’ to attain pure bliss, suggests Ganesha

Even after attaining physical and material pleasures, you sometimes feel that you are missing out on something in life. What is this “something” You tend to feel that all your desires are not fulfilled, that there is a void. After attaining all the worldly pleasures, there is still misery, mental dissatisfaction due to many reasons. Why is it that one is not in a state of bliss all the time? Why is it that you feel peace in the company of an honest and wise person? It is his knowledge which illuminates him.

The physical pleasures of eating, sleeping and sex are the same in humans and animals. So what is it that makes us different from animals? It is the power of wisdom. This is why the human form is a “Karma yoni” in which you can improve your present and future by the karmas you do. The animal form is the “Bhoga yoni” the animal’s karmas cannot improve it’s present or future.

We are advancing in the scientific world, but we will always lag behind in our search of true bliss, which is not an external search. True knowledge is hidden inside us — in our heart — and it can be attained by understanding the science of life and soul.

The person who sets on the path of knowledge is the seeker and is known as a ‘sadhaka’. Sadhaka is a person who is making an effort to attain bliss by doing sadhana or practicing spirituality. A true sadhaka shields himself with his knowledge. This gives his life a stability? in sorrow and in happiness. He is not moved by emotions, and is always in a state of bliss.

God is one entity, true and pure. He is not a mixture of any elements, and according to the sages, he is jyoti (the flame) or light. So He is pure and made up of only one element, fire. Everything is purified when put into fire. We humans on the other hand are made up of five elements and are thus the complex creatures. To get close to God we have to purify our body. Our body is the medium to attain spirituality. If you want to attain bliss, you need to purify yourself, starting with your body.

“Self” or “I” is an aggregate of two ‘tattvas’ — Jada and Chetan. Jada is inert matter and Chetan is consciousness. Consciousness abides in matter. It is made up of three major parts and the soul is a combination of the three bodies.

  1. The Physical Body
  2. The Astral Body
  3. The Causal Body

So, in order to attain bliss, our journey starts from the gross body to the subtle body or from the physical body to the causal body. When this journey is complete, one becomes renounced and is untouched by external or mental forces.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team