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August 2008 Lunar Eclipse and its effect on various Moon Signs

August 2008 Lunar Eclipse and its effect on various Moon Signs

Introduction: A partial Lunar eclipse will take place on August 16, 2008 and will be the second of the two Lunar Eclipses in 2008. This Lunar Eclipse will occur as the Moon passes through the constellation Sravana and Dhanistha in Capricorn and Aquarius signs respectively. Grahana Sparsh will be at 23:53 on August 16, 2008 and Grahana Madhya will be at 02:40 on August 17, 2008 and Grahana Moksha will be at 05:27 on August 17, 2008.

A Lunar Eclipse is characterised by its impact on emotional reactions. Psychic sensitivity and spiritual instincts are aroused during a Lunar eclipse due to unstable environment. The change in the electro-magnetic energy during Lunar Eclipse may affect us mentally. But, if people take this change positively, they can discover the creative and artistic qualities in themselves.

Effects on various Moon Signs:

Some emotional issues related to friends and associates may come to the fore. It’s the time to make new friends and establish connections with intellectual people. You may receive financial rewards in your career.

If you invest your positive energy in going ahead, then you may shine in your profession. But, you will have to balance your domestic and job responsibilities.You may also develop an interest in philosophy and religious activities.

This eclipses may make you curious, adventurous and you may develop new patterns of perception. Long distance trips may be finalised this time around. You may desire to pursue higher education. If you are religiously inclined, then your views and ideas about religion may change.

It will affect your image and personality. This is the right time to revise your investments and joint finances, to be specific. If you are in a relationship, then it may become more intimate. If you are undergoing some legal hassles, then it may end with the effect of this Lunar Eclipse, feels Ganesha.

You may look for changes in relationships that may force you to alter your public image. If you are in a stable relationship, then you may become more committed to your partner. If you have been trying to gain good status in the society, then you may achieve this goal with the effect of this eclipse.

If you are an employer, people working under you may decide to disassociate with you. Your emotions are intense and your enemies can mislead you. But, you are full of vigor and ready to take on the world.This is the best time to quit intoxications and if you do so, you may never get into such a bad habit again. This is the right time to take decisions regarding your ongoing job, feels Ganesha.

It’s the time to socialise and increase socio-professional contacts. Your love affair may get tested and you may also develop a new romantic relationship. If you are a creative person, a major project may end successfully with the effect of this eclipse.

Children and family members are more temperamental so you need to be more patient with them otherwise you may not be able to understand what they want from you. This is the right time to finalise deals about house/land or any other immovable asset.

If you have been thinking to buy a car/motorbike, laptop or a mobile phone, you will take final decision about going for a particular product with the effect of this eclipse. As per Ganesha’s view, this is the right time to begin a ‘crash course’ in whatever that you fancy. You will be communicating with others regularly. There can be short distance travels which may prove beneficial to you.

Your financial planning needs revision. You will try to put extra cash in your pocket but the conditions are adverse and any hasty steps for financial gain may lead you to a loss. Investing time in training and mastering new skills will be a better option than investing money in new ventures.This is the right time for clearing off all debts, says Ganesha.

This Eclipse will have powerful effects on you. The challenges and stresses may force you to redefine your personality and image. Health problems, mainly due to emotional attachments, may disturb your peace of mind. Those in relationship will decide whether to go ahead or separate.

If you have been undergoing some medical therapy, then it will end with the effect of this Eclipse. You will desire to contribute to some voluntary organization without selfish purpose. It’s a good time for spiritual development.

As per Indian Vedic Scriptures any POOJA or JAPA performed and HOLY BATH taken during the GRAHANA will give one thousand times greater rewards.

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