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What are the areas that the Agents of God – the 9 Planets represent in life? Yogita Sawhney explains

In Vedic Astrology, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the 9 planets. Out of these, Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets called Chhaya Grahas. Let us outline the details of various attributes or significations of these planets.

1. Sun – Father, soul, medicine and medicinal treatment, science, politics, help from the government, governmental status, fame, honour, courage, mental strength, valour, health, longevity, electricity, right eye etc.

2. Moon – Mother, feelings, sleep, good finance, comfort through vehicles, female and benefit from them, long travels, good smell, glow of the face, sharp intellect, beauty, long life, left eye etc.

3. Mars – Brothers (particularly younger ones), courage, valour, strength of the body, quarrel, war, leadership, commander-in-chief, earth, landed property, wounds due to weapon, fire etc., robbery, theft, anger, scandal, police department, medicinal science, science in general, dental treatment, work of gold and blacksmith, metallurgy and metallurgical engineering, death, soldiers etc. It also denotes urgent desires, opposition and cousins.

4. Mercury – Keen intellect, heavy reading habit, inquisitiveness to know everything, eloquence in speech, clever, well educated, arguing, well versed in astrology, writhing, publishing, mathematics, computer education, orators, editors, auditors, secretaries, postman, brain, diplomacy, planning capacity, politics, capability, maternal uncle, friends, philosophy, wit, dance, drama, and professions pertaining to such things, sprouting trees, plants, gemmology, white magic, nephew, maternal uncle etc.

5. Jupiter – High standards of life, wealth, riches, birth of children, happiness, knowledge, intellect, good qualities, advising, ministers, religions and connected things, dharma (judiciary), honours, status, knowledge of Vedas, indulging in good acts, fatness of the body and its development, philosophy, love, affection, respect, male progeny, preachers, religious heads, Moulvees, Christian Fathers, fruits, fruit yielding trees, astrology, elder brother, sister, honour and titles received from government, national awards, friends, justice, straight-forwardness, managerial capability, lecturer, principals of colleges, vice-chancellors, legal experts, fortunes, husband in a female horoscope, discrimination, expertise in various branches and high status. He also indicates Judges, Advocates, spiritual thinking, health, broad-mindedness, following right path, working for establishing Justice, sober nature, political diplomacy, engaged in family priest work, the respect that wife has for her husband, wealth, purity, control over senses, grandchildren, etc.

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6. Venus – Wealth, vehicles, textile, dress, jewels, females,, marriages, sensual pleasures, perfumes, luxuries, independent business without partnership, gains thereof, sexual pursuits, flowers, selling and buying them, cows, water, resources, white colour, sex organs, the professions pertaining to film industry, dance, drama, textile, perfumes, business relating to females, music, catering, hotel, honour, respect, honorary titles, status, high standard, pleasures, foreign pleasure tours, tasty food, drinks, the spring season, theatres, studios, bedrooms, keen intellect and keen knowledge, poets and poetry, literature, epics and capability in composing musical pieces, tendency to help others, work of personal secretaries, receptionists etc. Professions are photography, make up, beauty parlours and connected profession, underground wealth, winning lottery, speculation, as well as receipt of sudden wealth.

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7. Saturn – One’s profession, employment, life, longevity, death, fate, evolution of life in stages, fear, poverty, labourer, labouring workers, bodily effort, humiliation, diseases, science expertise, agriculture, minerals, metals, oil, things, hidden below ground, hidden treasures, archaeology, servants, slaves, very old people, theft, heartless or uncourteous acts, lame, being made lame, over greediness, provocations and temptations, a leader in politics. Slavery, steel, iron and iron connected items, black coloured items, machines, workshop, head of industry, beggars, earning through begging, unending difficulties and sorrows, rotten and spoiled eatables. Places dumped with soiled wastes, latrines, places where eaten leftovers are thrown, abandoned houses, danger, accident, mental agony, spoiled character, unjust behaviour, concubine, cruel mindedness, lameness, handicapped, glass, manure, oil, buffaloes, gingely (sesame), grain, salt, camel etc.

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8. Rahu – Paternal grandfather, false arguments, bonding, restlessness, foreigners, very low caste people, wondering speech, smokes, snake bite, dreams, wicked thoughts, widows, swellings in body, empires, states, philosophy, divine thinking, poison, undiagnosable disease, leprosy, black decolouring, skin disease, pilgrimage to holy places, all rituals and work of black magic, ripe knowledge of politics, high status, name and fame, gives both benefic and malefic results, smuggling, speculation, gambling, break in education in younger days, getting experienced in Mantra-Tantra (occult) Sastras. Servants, salves, laziness, sharp intellect, butchery, working on stones (breaking gravels, stones etc, but not sculpture), glass, infertile barren land, dried green leaves and wood, Garuda Vidya, snake charming, excess and unlimited bodily strength, brute courage, wicked happenings, conspiracies, all destructive works like bomb blasting, poisoning somebody, conspiracy in politics, food poisoning through black magic, religious rites and performance, leather, other mean activities, cement, mustard seeds, mustards oil, rotten goods, vegetables, leather-tanning, sharp piercing, knives, unnatural dreams etc.

9. Ketu – Maternal grandfather, wounds, skin eruptions, vaisoori badha, black magic, horned animals, death due to attack of such animals, don, hen, tuberculosis, cough, trouble through enemies, white spots over skin surface, Leucoderma, self realisation and understanding one’s own self, philosophy, self-analysis, Vedhanta, knowledge, liberation from birth-death cycles, yoga, science etc., devotion to lord Shiva, yajnas or sacrifices, religions doctrines, fanaticism and other attachment to religions.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Yogita Sawhney
The GaneshaSpeaks Team