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Astrology Connection With The Engineering Profession

Astrology Connection With The Engineering Profession

The core engineering sector is civil, electrical and medical. But in modern education engineering degree can be taken in various industries including Information Technology, Computer, Electronics, Plastic, Biomedical, Chemical and many more.

Every year a lot of students pass out an engineering, but all are not successful. Few of them excel in their career while others may end up doing an ordinary job. Before deciding a career, you should take advice from our career astrologer to know the aspects and opportunities of your career.

Planets and profession astrology help you to know whether you may develop an interest in the engineering profession or not. Let us see which are those planets and planetary combinations play a vital role in a horoscope to become a successful engineer.

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Mercury and Jupiter are important planets for a successful career in engineering. Mercury empowers technical education and is the ruler of intellect, power and mathematics. In your horoscope, when the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu create influences with the signification of education and career, you can have an interest in aptitude and engineering.

Gemini, Libra and Aquariaus indicate technical education. When Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo are placed in the fourth house, and Rahu is linked with the fourth house or the lord of the fourth house, then there are good chances of technical education or become an engineer. The three constellations of Mercury, namely Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati, play a vital role in creating interest in the engineering field.

Many students give entrance for IIT, but all are not able to crack it. Only a few of them get a chance to study in well-known and world-famous institute IIT.

IIT education and astrology are connected with each other. To crack entrance of IIT Saturn, Mars and Mercury of an individual has to be strongly placed in a horoscope. Click Here to view your Daily Horoscope.

Saturn and Mars are the primary indicators for a successful career in the engineering field. Association of Saturn and Mars gives strong chances of a successful career in the engineering field. Saturn indicates machines, engineering, fore-sight, concentration and deep thinking and an ability to plan out a project. Mars indicates practical knowledge, logical thinking and efficiency in organizing and knowledge of instruments. All these characteristics of Saturn and Mars are a must for a successful career in the engineering field. When Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Rahu carry technical approach are in a positive place and strong you can have a good career in an engineering field.

The sun is the planet for physics and Rahu is the planet for chemistry and both Physics and chemistry are important subjects in engineering.

Planetary combination for Engineering

1. If there is a connection between Saturn and Mars
2. If there is a connection between Mars and Rahu
3. If the Sun or Mercury or both have an impact on the fourth, fifth, ninth or tenth house.
4. The relationship of Saturn, Mars and Rahu with the fifth and tenth house or the lord of the fifth and tenth house give good chances of a bright career in the engineering field.
5. Mercury with Mars is the combination of mechanical engineering in astrology.
6. The planetary combination of Computer Engineering is Mercury with Venus and Mars.
7. If Mercury is with Venus, then you can be a Chemical Engineer.
8. If Mercury has an influence on Saturn, then you can be a Civil Engineer according to Civil engineering astrology.

There are many more planetary combinations for the profession as an engineer. To know your personalized planetary combination Talk to An Indian Astrologer!

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