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Your mental health should be your priority, know how you can take its care

Your mental health should be your priority, know how you can take its care

In the 1950s, lunatic was used for people who are mentally ill. The word lunatic comes from the Latin word ‘lunacus’, which is the synonym of luna(moon). People believed in ancient times, that moon phases and mental health are interlinked. The birth chart, divisional charts, and ‘dasa’ system show us the summary of different parts and phases of our life. In Vedic astrology, the Moon stands for mind and Mercury is seen for logic and intellect. If these two planets are afflicted in a horoscope, then there are high chances that a person might suffer from mental illness. Thus, this gives us an edge to take precautionary measures and intervene with the illness.

If the Moon is in a stressful aspect with Saturn, then the person may suffer from acute depression. If Moon is afflicted by Rahu, then the person may have schizophrenia and phobia. If Moon is afflicted by Ketu, then the person may become maniac and develop delusions. If the 5th house of Intellect is suppressed by an Air sign, then the person may be susceptible to mental disorder. The combination of 4th house and Moon signifies mental peace. And, the alliance of the 5th house and Moon shows emotional wellbeing. The Afflicted 5th house also shows depression.

Who is a psychological astrologer?

Astrologers who have at least a master’s degree in psychology are known as psychological astrologers and practice psychological astrology. They study personalities as well as the cosmos and their interdependence on each other. For example, to know your in-depth personality, they use planetary positions along with psychological trait models. Also, to know the external events, they may use astrology and to understand their effects on you and your internal conflicts, they may use psychology. Astropsychology is inspired by theories of Carl Jung from a psychological perspective.

Why do people believe in astrology and how does it have a psychological influence on people?

Astrology has been a significant part of most of the cultures since ancient times. Hence, a major group of the population is inclined towards it and believes in it. People who find it hard to express themselves often use zodiac sign characteristics to denote their personalities and range of emotions. This is the science behind horoscope psychology. Hence, it can be used to build up a positive rapport with people. Also, psychology is expansive and adaptive and uses multiple approaches to heal unless it doesn’t harm a person. So, people who firmly believe in astrology receive psychological benefits when their counseling is infused with astrology.

There are a few things listed below which you can practice as that may ensure your mental wellbeing with the help of astrology:

  • You may worship the Deity of a planet that has a malefic effect on you.
  • You may also chant Mantra for Lord of Ascendant.
  • You may keep Moon Yantra or Chandra Yantra.
  • Silver is the color of the moon, hence you may drink water in a silver glass, eat from a silver spoon or wear silver ornaments.
  • You may wear a pearl or gemstone.
  • Donating a golden Elephant may please the malefic planet.
  • You may get benefits from fasting on Mondays.
  • worship Lord Shiva and offer water to Shiva Linga.
  • Recite ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ 108 times in a day.
  • Perform Pranayama to lower the intensity of insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, and many other health issues.

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