Predictions Astrological insights on the galloping price of gold

Astrological insights on the galloping price of gold

Astrological insights on the galloping price of gold

At a record-smashing price of Rs 16,040 per 10 gm, gold is shining brightest. The glory of this precious metal has risen sharply and steadily, while its monetary value has increased manifold. In 2008 alone, it gained 6% as against the 50% slump in other asset classes.

Though the soaring price of this recession-proof asset has desisted jewellery lovers from buying the metal, its demand has climbed steeply among investors, who consider it a safer option in times of economic slowdown. With the help of Sarvatobhadra Chakara System of Vedic Astrology, Ganesha predicts whether the price of gold will maintain its upward trend or will it stabilise its galloping march.

Ganesha notes that transiting Ketu entered Pushya Constellation on 10th December 2008. As per Sarvatobhadra Chakara, Ketu’s transit through Pushya forms Vedha with the letter S, which stands for two things:
1) SONA, i.e. Gold
2) Shattara Constellation

This factor created a firm base for the bullish trend of gold as Shattara Constellation rules this shimmering metal. Currently, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu are in Shravan Constellation, forming a Vedha to Shattara Nakshatra. This has given a great boost to the price of gold.Mars moves on to Dhanishtha Constellation on 27th February 2009 in the early morning hours. Mercury enters Dhanishtha on 28th February, 2009 in the afternoon. Since two of the four planets in Shravan forming Vedha to Shattara Constellation are going to move on to Dhanishtha around 1st March 2009, price of gold may come down considerably. However, this may not be a bearish trend, just a correction in the price.

Jupiter’s entry in Aquarius on 2nd May, 2009 will bring down the price of gold by a few notches. However, Ketu’s presence in Pushya and its resultant Vedha to Shattara Nakshatra and letter ‘S’ will not let gold prices slide drastically till 4th October, 2009. On the whole, traders can expect to see a stable trend in gold price, which will continue to shine till 4th October, 2009.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia