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Astro Analysis of changing Sexuality Preferences

Astro Analysis of changing Sexuality Preferences

The Gay Movement has been on since the early 1960s. In recent times, it has been gaining wide acceptance. Gay rights definitely have been given, provided and accepted legally in many nations the world over.

In the recent times, we have witnessed a public show of affection for the same gender in the Western developed world. Its all also a fact that in the recent times, western movies have a tendency to depict scenes of same gender physical intimacy.

Ganesha looks at why is it so? What are the possible astral indications and movements that had initiated the Gay Movement and why in the recent times, the society at large has accepted gay emotions and gay people as a part of life.

Note that Neptune had been in Scorpio (the eighth sign of the Zodiac specifying intimate physical activity) from August 1957 to January 1970, which initiated the whole movement, but as it was Neptune, the society did not accept such frivolous and typical human nature. Then Uranus came in Scorpio in September 1975 and left it in 1981, which kept feeding the movement of this strange socially unacceptable conduct. Pluto between 1984 and 1995 was in Scorpio furthering this movement relentlessly.

Notice how the sign Scorpio had been activated by these long duration planets for almost 4 decades, bringing forward matters related to sexuality and its preferences. We all have witnessed that in these 4 decades, we have definitely have seen humanity changing positively towards sexuality in general, with it being introduced more profoundly on the silver screen, in art, literature and other disciplines.

So, it’s clear that the astral influences of these planets relentlessly influencing the sign Scorpio, played their part in changing norms allowing the society to accept these changing norms, though on a lesser level of sexuality.

Since 12th January 1996 till 10th March 2003, Uranus was in Aquarius (As per Western Astrology). Aquarius is the sign of groups, institutions and public at large. In modern astrology, it is considered that Uranus rules the sign Aquarius, so during this period matters related to Uranus get signified and dignified as well as prominent.

The planet Uranus is strange and unusual as it rotates on its side, unlike the rest of the planets in the solar system. This strange characteristic of Uranus is the reason that it is signified and considered as the breaker of conventions or say, is unconventional, unorthodox and uninhibited.

Immediately after its discovery, history and humanity have witnessed humanitarian and revolutionary movements, reiterated by the fact that American colonies broke away from England, the French Revolution and in art and literature, the romantic movement, which placed more emphasis on individuality and freedom of expression. All this was considered strange and unexpected, in those times.

Uranus has also been considered as a liberator, a provocateur, and harbinger of the wake up-call, bringing out the inner nature and needs and to liberate oneself from the shackles of conventions and norms. Is it not all what Homosexuality is all about in the current Hetero society? All this has been brought up and come into being during the transit of Uranus through Aquarius.

Homosexuality may definitely have been present in society since ages but it was all behind closed doors. But since Uranus came into its own sign, the sign of society and became more empowered, people with daring and courage have started coming out of the closets upholding and publicly accepting or stating their fondness for the same gender for their carnal needs and desires. Also notice, how, the society in general also accepts the Gay Movement nowadays. It seems that all this has been possible during the transit of Uranus through Aquarius.

This may be debatable, but Ganesha notices that female homosexuality or lesbianism is more profound in these times than compared to male homosexuality. Ganesha tries to bring out a theory for this. Notice that Ceres was in Leo on 1st April 1995 till 25th June 1995. Uranus had entered Aquarius first on 1st April 1995 and left Aquarius in retrograde motion on 9th June 1995. Thus for this period, Uranus and Ceres were in opposition. As well know oppositions are a hard aspect initiating action and ignition of something. This opposition of Ceres and Uranus started this liberating trend of homosexuality. Perhaps it ignited the need of liberating in the souls of the majority. So, when Uranus entered Aquarius again on 12th January 1996 and Ceres came in conjunction with transiting Uranus on 28th January 1997, the liberating influence in females got strongly motivated and ladies started coming out in public with their lesbian feelings.

Ceres, has been considered for feminity in general and so with the aspects of Uranus and Ceres, the opposition and the conjunction indicated above, initiated more profound public acknowledgment of lesbianism.

Neptune, the significator of confusion, deception, drugs, altered mental states, fantasy, imagination, psychic phenomenon amongst other significations came in Aquarius on 28th November 1998 and will stay there in till 4th April 2011. This may elevate this tendency of homosexuality to a higher and perverse level unthought of, unexpected of and purely unheard of, and whats more, though the society may be appalled of such acceptance and public display of such blatant acceptance and revelation of one’s private feelings and activities, people will ultimately accept the same too.

One on One physical intimacy being revealed is different. One on One physical intimacy with the same gender too though unacceptable is more different and strange, but has been slowly accepted. However, group physical activity and that too of a perverse nature is definitely repulsive, but with the control of the planets that Mankind is subject to, and thus the changing times, no one may be able to do anything to stop it. More so, when Aquarius (the sign of society – humanity as a whole) is involved. These planetary activities in Aquarius rather will slowly allow the people to accept such activities as a norm.

This is but no indication of a prediction that the whole of Mankind will become such, its just that the times are changing and people with a strong Uranus, Ceres and Pluto in their charts will come out in hordes and will slowly be accepted, akin to the acceptance of gay marriage in many nations in the world. Notice that gay marriages have been accepted in the current times itself when long duration planets have been passing through Aquarius.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia