14 Times You Proved – Yet Again – You Are An Aries!

Nakshatra or Stars in Astrology

1. You were completely stumped by this BIG BAD World’s ways…yet again!

2. You, without trying, out-did others in anything, you put your mind or heart to – so, you topped the class – no big deal OR charmed that new lady down the street – no big deal either!

3. You decided you wish to lose weight/ be a regular gym goer/ go to a foreign land/ bag a girlfriend/ boyfriend/ excel at a sport – and, you, despite so many people’s reservations, made it! 🙂

4. You hated it, when people refused to see your point of view – and, this time too, your POV (point of view, silly!) was right, as always.

5. And, you felt so innocently clueless, when people could not see or understand things or concepts, which seemed so SIMPLE to you, at the first place. So, it is Molecular Biology, or Rocket Science, for that matter – what’s so difficult about them! 😉

6. You, once again, refused to take NO for an answer from someone you clearly ‘more than admired’ 😉 This also applies to all other areas of your life. You just have to set your mind/ heart to them!

7. So, you clearly and candidly told about your feelings to that special person…

8. And, you did that in the most loving and amorous manner, without guile, but with a lot haste and intensity…so much so that others were worried that you would spoil ‘this person’ beyond redemption!

9. You were, like always (Oh no!) too fast, maybe rash, and impulsive in getting into a ‘relationship’, which, sadly you realised too late.

10. Despite being deep in just so many things, you were the sweetest possible friend to another friend, when he/ she called you in need…You helped this friend, listened to his/ her woes and ended up paying for the meal/ gas/ whatever too…

11. And, (no no, not again) you could not do anything else, but keep smiling encouragingly all through the ordeal of listening to them, when you own phone was ringing non stop/ your boss, you knew, was getting angry at your disappearance/ you were feeling all creepy (and even broke).

12. You, yet again, ended up spending way more than you had actually intended!

13. And, in spite of all the crap going on your life, you still manged to, yet again, be the sweetest, most guileless little boy/ girl to your mommy or daddy or wifey – or whoever is your ‘go to person’ in life…

14. Last, but not the least – how ever much you may act to be independent and worldly wise, you loved, from the core of your heart, to get back home, and snuggle in the ensconced comfort of your secure surroundings, sleep in till late, drink from your favourite mug, look and laugh at your childhood pics, trophies et al and play with your buddies….

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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