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An insight on ‘Haryali Teej’

An insight on ‘Haryali Teej’

The third lunar day of the bright fortnight in the month of Sravan is celebrated as Haryali Teej by married women. It is a time of full-fledged rainy season when the earth is covered by lush green trees and grass and the atmosphere is very beautiful. And that is why it is called Haryali Teej. This Vrata should be observed by unmarried girls for getting a suitable and attractive husband. Married woman observe this for everlasting conjugal life. While observing this fast many women do not eat any solid food. Religious minded women do not even drink water. In the morning, after taking a bath, worship Lord Ganesha and Uma Maheswar, chant bhajans throughout the day, and listen to Haritalika Vrata Katha. In the eastern part of our country this day is celebrated as Kajjali Teej.

Legend has it that on this day in ancient times, love-sick Devi Parvati, suffering from acute pangs of separation from her beloved husband Lord Shiva, observed this Vrata and thus united with Lord Shiva. So married women, in order to win the love of their husbands for a happy conjugal life, observe this day with solemnity.

The beauty of nature outside brings joy and pleasure to the minds of the people – men and women alike. Peasants sing the Malhar in fields and ladies sing playfully in every house, especially in Bihar, UP and Rajasthan. They worship Devi Parvati and wear coloured scarfs or sarees called ‘lahariya’. The women take out a colourful procession with an idol of goddess Parvati in their hands. Married women should not go to their father’s house in the first Sravan month after their marriage. Instead, different types of tasty foods are prepared in their father’s houses and sent to their daughter’s house. The ladies decorate their hands and palms with ‘mehendi’ and paint their feet with lac-dye (alta). On this day the wives should religiously follow these three things: (a) avoid deceit, chicanery or hypocrisy with their husbands; (b) shun falsehood and bad behaviour; and (c) never indulge in scandal-mongering and backbiting. On this occasion a special dance programme named Ghumar is staged. It is believed that the custom of wrestling in Rajasthan started on this day during the Pathan period in India. The Haryali Teej falls on 31st of July this year.

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