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All you wanted to know about ‘MAHADASHA’

All you wanted to know about ‘MAHADASHA’

Astrology is defined as PHAL JYOTISH in Indian languages. It consists of three parts.

(1)Phal Swaroop (an incident to happen)

(2)Phal Praman (intensity of the incident)

(3)Phal Kaal (the period in which the incident will take place)

Out of the above, the first two are indicated by the Horoscope itself, however the third part is calculated mathematically and is known as Mahadasha. There is a misconception that ‘Mahadashas’ are bad & give negative results to a native, but it is incorrect. Any Mahadasha gives results as per the Lord of the dasha i.e. as per the lordship of the planet, placement of the planet & the strength of the planet & of course as per the Lagna (a malefic or benefic planet to the particular Lagna).

There are 42 types of Mahadashas, out of which in recent days only 3 Mahadashas are in use. The names of 42 Mahadashas are as under.

Vimshotaridasha Kaalchakradasha Paaindydasha
Ashtotaridasha Charparyadasha Anshidasha
Yoginidasha Sthirdasha Naisargikdasha
Shodshotaridasha Brahmadasha (also known as Brahma Graha shritShasthatyabdikdasha) Ashatakvargdasha
Dwadashotaridasha Kendradidasha Sandhyadasha
Panchotaridasha Kaarakdasha Paalakdasha
Shatabdidasha Maandukidasha Kaarakendradasha
Chaturshitidasha Shooldasha Nakshatradasha
Dwisaptatidasha Yogardhdasha Uttardasha(also known as Chaturvidh Prandasha)
Shashtivarshadasha Drugdasha Nakshatradrashidasha
Shadvishatidasha Trikondasha NavmanshaSthirdasha
Navamanshadasha Rashidasha Taradasha
Rashyanshdasha Varnaddasha Sudarshanchakradasha
Kaaldasha Panchswardasha Shattrishatdasha

In the above 42 Mahadashas, there are 6 parts. They are:

3.Vidasha (pratyantardasha).

Period of Mahadasha is always longer than the Antardasha.

Antardasha is always longer than Vidasha.

Vidasha is longer than Sukshmadasha.

Sukshmadasha is longer than Prandasha.

Prandasha is longer than Pratiprandasha.

It so happens that on a particular day, a native may be under the influence of more than 1 dashas in Sukshmadasha,Prandasha & Pratiprandasha.

Out of the above 42 dashas, other that those in use, the details of only a few are available. They are as under:

1. Dwadashotaridasha:-112 years (Shukra has no dasha).

Dashaswami Janmanakshatra Period in years
Ravi Krittika,Purvaphalguni,Moola,Revati 7
Guru Bharani,Magha,Jyeshtha,Uttarabhadrapada 9
Ketu Ashwini,Ashlesha,Anuradha,Purvabhadrapada 11
Budh Pushya,Vishakha,Shattaraka 13
Rahu Punarvasu,Swati,Dhanishtha 15
Mangal Ardra,Chitra,Shravan 17
Shani Mrugshirsh,Hasta,Uttarashadha 19
Chandra Rohini,Uttaraphalguni,Purvashadha 21

2. Shodshottaridasha:-116 years(Rahu has no dasha).

Dashaswami Janmanakshatra Period in years
Ravi Pushya,Vishakha,Shattaraka,Mrugshirsh 11
Mangal Ashlesha,Anuradha,Purvabhadrapada,Ardra 12
Guru Magha,Jyeshtha,Uttarabhadraprada,Punarvasu 13
Shani Purvaphalguni,Moola,Revati 14
Ketu Uttaraphalguni,Purvashadha,Ashwini 15
Chandra Hasta,Uttarashadha,Bharani 16
Budh Chitra,Shravan,Kruttika 17
Shukra Swati,Dhanishtha,Rohini 18

3. Panchottaridasha:-105 years(Rahu & Ketu have no dasha).

Dashaswami Janmanakshatra Period in years
Ravi Anuradha,Shattaraka,Rohini,Purvaphalguni 12
Budh Jyeshtha,Purvabhadrapada,Mrugshirsh,Uttaraphalguni 13
Shani Moola,Uttarabhadrapada,Ardra,Hasta 14
Mangal Purvashadha,Revati,Punarvasu,Chitra 15
Shukra Uttarashadha,Ashwini,Pushya,Swati 16
Chandra Shravan,Bharani,Ashlesha,Vishakha 17
Guru Dhanishtha,Kruttika 18

4. Shatabdidasha:- 100 years (Rahu & Ketu have no dasha).

Dashaswami Janmanakshatra Period in years
Ravi Revati,Punarvasu,Chitra,Uttarashadha 5
Chandra Ashwini,Pushya,Swati,Shravan 5
Shukra Bharani,Ashlesha,Vishakha,Dhanishtha 10
Budh Kruttika,Magha,Anuradha,Shattaraka 10
Guru Rohini,Purvaphalguni,Jyeshtha,Purvabhadrapada 20
Mangal Mrugshirsh,Uttaraphalguni,Moola,Uttarabhadrapada 20
Shani Ardra,Hasta,Purvashadha 30

5. Chaturshitidasha:- 84 years (Rahu & Ketu have no dasha each dasha is of 12 years.

Dashaswami Janmanakshatra
Ravi Swati,Shravan,Bharani,Ashlesha
Chandra Vishakha,Dhanishtha,Kruttika,Magha
Mangal Anuradha,Shattaraka,Rohini,Purvaphalguni
Budh Jyeshtha,Purvabhadrapada,Mrugshirsh,Uttaraphalguni
Guru Moola,Uttarabhadrapada,Ardra,Hasta
Shukra Purvashadha,Revati,Punarvasu,Chitra
Shani Uttarashadha,Ashwini,Pushya

6. Dwisaptatidasha:- 72 years (Ketu has no dasha each dasha is of 9 years.

Dashaswami Janmanakshatra
Ravi Moola,Revati,Pushya,Vishakha
Chandra Purvashadha,Ashwini,Ashlesha,Anuradha
Mangal Uttarashadha,Bharani,Magha,Jyeshtha
Budh Shravan,Kruttika,Purvaphalguni
Guru Dhanishtha,Rohini,Uttaraphalguni
Shukra Shattaraka,Mrugshirsh,Hasta
Shani Purvabhadrapada,Ardra,Chitra
Rahu Uttarabhadrapada,Punarvasu,Swati

7. Shasthivarshadasha:- 60 years (Ketu has no dasha).

Dashaswami Janmanakshatra Period in years
Guru Ashwini,Bharani,Kruttika 10
Ravi Rohini,Mrugshirsh,Ardra,Punarvasu 10
Mangal Pushya,Ashlesha,Magha 10
Chandra Purvaphalguni,Uttaraphalguni,Hasta,Chitra 6
Budh Swati,Vishakha,Anuradha 6
Shukra Jyeshtha,Moola,Purvashadha,Uttarashadha 6
Shani Abhijit, Shravan,Dhanishtha 6
Rahu Shattaraka,Purvabhadrapada,Uttarabhadrapada,Revati 6

This is the only dasha in which Abhijit Nakshatra is being taken into consideration.

8. Shattrishatdasha:- 36 years (Ketu has no dasha).

Dashaswami Janmanakshatra Period in years
Chandra Shravan,Kruttika,Purvaphalguni,Moola 1
Ravi Dhanishtha,Rohini,Uttaraphalguni,Purvashadha 2
Guru Shattaraka,Mrugshirsh,Hasta,Uttarashadha 3
Mangal Purvabhadrapada,Ardra,Chitra 4
Budh Uttarabhadrapada,Punarvasu,Swati 5
Shani Revati,Pushya,Vishakha 6
Shukra Ashwini,Ashlesha,Anuradha 7
Rahu Bharani,Magha,Jyeshtha 8

9. Yoginidasha:- 36 years (Mostly in use in West Bengal side, each dasha has some name).

Name of dasha Dashaswami Janmanakshtra Period in years
Mangala Chandra Ardra,Chitra,Shravan 1
Pingala Ravi Punarvasu,Swati,Dhanishtha 2
Dhanya Guru Pushya,Vishakha,Shattaraka 3
Bhramari Mangal Ashwini, Ashlesha,Anuradha,Purvabhadrapada 4
Bhadrika Budh Bharani,Jyeshtha,Uttarabhadrapada 5
Ulka Shani Kruttika,Purvaphalguni,Moola,Revati 6
Sidhdha Shukra Rohini,Uttaraphalguni,Purvashadha 7
Sankata Rahu/Ketu Mrugshirsh,Hasta,Uttarashadha 8

In Sankata Mahadasha,first 4 years are influenced by Rahu & last 4 years by Ketu. Dasha of Chandra, Guru, Budh & Shukra gives positive results & rest all gives negative results.

10. Ashtottaridasha:- 108 years (Ketu has no dasha).

Dashaswami Janmanakshatra Period in years
Ravi Ardra,Punarvasu,Pushya,Ashlesha 6

Magha,Purvaphalguni,Uttaraphalguni 15
Mangal Hasta,Chitra,Swati,Vishakha 8
Budh Anuradha,Jyeshtha,Moola 17
Shani Purvashadha,Uttarashadha,Abhijit,Shravan 10
Guru Dhanishtha,Shattaraka,Purvabhadrapada 19
Rahu Uttarabhadrapada,Revati,Ashwini,Bharani 12
Shukra Kruttika,Rohini,Mrugshirsh 21

11.Vimshottaridasha:- 120 years (widely in use all over).

A separate article will be written on this.

Thus, out of 42 dashas, we now know about 11 dashas, out of 11 dashas, 3 dashas are in use.

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Santosh Deuskar
Celebrity astrologer