Ganesha takes a detailed tour through genius Albert Einstein’s Natal Chart…

Published on September 8, 2015

Ganesha takes a detailed tour through genius Albert Einstein’s Natal Chart…
Ganesha takes a detailed tour through genius Albert Einstein's Natal Chart... - GaneshaSpeaks

Albert Einstein is a name which has become synonymous with the word ‘genius’ and the term ‘intelligence’! Such is the glory and splendour of this man! The iconic and super-famous ‘E=mc2’ equation, physics, mathematics, research and various other aspects of his glory are the terms that adorn the sky-high stature of the eternal genius and these are the very legacies that this great man has left behind with his extraordinary works and study. Even a billion words would not suffice to describe the wizardry and brilliance of Albert Einstein, which is not a name, but an idea, a concept and a legacy in itself! The illustrious man and his readings, writings, observations, research papers, journals, theories and publishings serve as a very integral part of the curriculum and educational syllabus of the children the world over and he has literally been a towering personality in the field of education. On this Teacher’s Day, Ganesha presents the most exclusive Horoscope Analysis and a compact Astrological case-study of one of the most highly awe-inspiring men globally. Read on…

Albert Einstein
14th March, 1879
11:30 a.m.
Ulm, Germany


Astrological Analysis and Observations:

The role of Mercury in the Natal Chart of the Eternal Genius – Einstein:

  • Albert Einstein was born with Gemini Ascendant and the Lord of the Ascendant – Mercury is placed in the Mid-heaven, that is the 10th House. It would be very interesting to note that the Ascendant sign of Einstein is an airy sign, which which blesses a person with good imaginative powers and the ability to think freely and air signs are the signs which are the most imaginative among all the signs of the Zodiac. Moreover, the ruler of the 1st House is Mercury – the Cosmic Genius itself! And this sets the tone and a comprehensible trend for the rest of the horoscope. Even before getting into the detailed aspects, we can observe that Mercury – the planet of intelligence, intellect, grasping, knowledge, thinking capability, innovation and various other set of things which require a person to use his intelligence and discretion is placed in one of the most powerful houses (10th House). Though Mercury is debilitated, his placement of Mercury here gets actually fortified and accentuated because of his conjunction with an exalted Venus. This rare configuration of planets, wherein one debilitated planet is in conjunction with an exalted planet is called Neech Bhang Rajayoga. Therefore, the debility of Mercury gets nullified and he is rendered strong.

The ‘Saraswati Yoga’ :

  • The placement of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Kendras and Trikonas. This is one of rarest Yogas and blesses an individual with oceanic and extraordinary intelligence, wisdom and amazing grasping power. People with this yoga can also make brilliant teachers. The knowledge of the natives will be such that it will always benefit the people around them.

The ‘Pravajra Yoga’:

  • Moreover, we can see a union of four planets, namely Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Sun in the one of the most potent Houses – 10th House. Such a cluster of planets in one House results into a Yoga called the Pravajra Yoga. This Yoga gives some of the most extraordinary results, if the other significant factors are supportive and positive. This Yoga makes a person achieve prominence in the field that he chooses.

The Union of the Lords of the trines in the 10th House:

  • The combination of planets in the 10th House is not an ordinary one at all as it includes a congregation of the Lords of the Trine Houses – the 1st House, 5th House and the 9th House and this is also one of the most powerful Raja-Yogas and in a manner that would make it more distinct and fruitful it is taking place in the 10th House! This conjunction of the Trine Lords indicates that the Personal Calibre and Mettle (1st House Prarabdha (portion of the past karma responsible for the present birth) and Poorvapunya ( credit of the good deeds of the past life ) (5th House) ; Luck and Fortune (9th House) factors of the Chart are highly strong, because of which Albert Einstein achieved such pinnacles of glory and his legacy and genius shall be admired and remain till eternity!

The role of the Resplendent Sun and the Budh-Aditya Yoga:

  • The association of Sun, Lord of the 3rd House of self-effort, skills, writings, memory and intellect with the aforesaid planets ensured that his efforts were channelised according to the energies being generated by the top three planets of the Horoscope! The combination of Sun and Mercury gives rise to a Yoga called the Budh-Aditya Yoga, which makes a person highly intelligent and blesses him with sharp grasping powers and the ability to interprete things well and this Yoga is perfectly in tune with Einstein’s wizardry, says Ganesha.

Exchange of Houses between the Lords of the 9th House and 10th House:

  • One more remarkable point that Ganesha notes here is that Jupiter, the dispositor of the highly fertile 10th House of Einstein’s chart is placed in the 9th House and thus he gets involved in a tremendously powerful and auspicious Raja-Yoga called the Dharma-Karmaadhipati Pariavartan Yoga! So, the wonder and beauty of the Horoscope of Einstein keeps going on and on and it surely makes for one of the most beautiful Horoscopes of all-time!

Role of the Benevolent Jupiter his blessings on the Trine Houses:

  • Due, to Jupiter’s occupation of a Trine House, the already well disposed Trine Houses – 1st, 5th and 9th Houses get showered with the magnificent blessings of the ‘Cosmic Preceptor’ and ‘Master of Wisdom’ – Jupiter! This made Einstein a person of noble and expansive nature and propelled him to streamline his energies towards the greater good of mankind! However powerful the other planets in the Horoscope of a person be, and whatever be the number of Raja-Yogas, without the supreme and divine grace of Bruhaspati or planet Jupiter, a person cannot achieve the ultimate glory and international recognition. There has to be some or the other role of Jupiter in the Chart, says Ganesha and further states that apart from the self-efforts and personal virtue of Einstein, he also had the backing and support from the heavens above!

Significance of the 8th House (that represents Research), Mars and Rahu:

  • Getting deeper in his analysis, Ganesha notes that Einstein has another peculiar feature in his Natal Chart, which is related to the 8th House. The 8th House in Astrology represents the areas like research, intricate studies, deep and complicated areas of science, mysteries and the areas yet undiscovered by mankind. In this 8th House, Einstein had the placement of an exalted Mars and Rahu. Mars represents the energy, stamina, force and vigour of a person and the House which Mars occupies signifies the areas where the person will channelise his energies; and Rahu represents the ability to understand complex and extremely intricate areas of life, research, the ability to understand the mysteries of the universe among other aspects. So, this combination in the 8th House explains the research and the innovative mettle of Einstein.

Moon: The Planet of the Mind in Scorpio

  • Einstein had the Moon placed in its debilitation sign – Scorpio. Moon in Scorpio accentuates the natural significations of the 8th Sign of the Zodiac – Scorpio and gives him the intensity and the depth of thinking. Moon in a debilitated state indicates that the mind is not completely at peace and there is some tumult or turbulence within the mind and this acts a catalyst to the curiosity and the thought-process of the mind. Moreover, the planets who represent the brain and mind respectively – Mercury and Moon are in a Trine position from each other, which shows that the mind and brain are both in perfect harmony with each other and that the logic, perception and understanding of Einstein were wonderful and helped interpret the unknown aspects himself appropriately as well as present them to the world effectively.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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