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About Luck And Can It Be Changed

About Luck And Can It Be Changed

Since the beginning of human civilization, man has been curious to know about his future and the time to come. We always want to know what is written in our destiny or luck? Will we be able to succeed or will failure and misery surround us? How can we change our destiny or destiny? Can we motivate it to work in our favour? But have you ever tried to know before these questions, what is this luck or luck? How does this work? In this context, the answer for most people would be no. Because your interest is only in knowing the writing of your luck or in cursing or blaming it, here GaneshaSpeaks wants to assure you that, when you are reading the last lines of this article, you will be aware of luck, its working method and how to influence it. Must have acquired the necessary knowledge. So let’s start…

How is the universe related to your destiny?

Kismat or luck is directly related to the universe, so first of all, it is important for you to understand, what is the universe? But it is almost impossible to understand the whole universe, so we will try to understand only what is related to you or your destiny. Man has identified 12 zodiac signs, 27 constellations and 9 planets in the universe on the basis of his knowledge. The universe is considered to be 360 ​​degrees, on this basis each zodiac is 30 degrees and each constellation is 13 degrees. 20″ is divided into art. In these zodiac signs and constellations, our solar system, all the 9 planets present in it, the Sun and the Moon travel. These zodiac signs and constellations are also constantly moving on their axis.

What is luck or fate?

Our ancestors had this understanding of what is luck or luck since ancient times. That is why he said that, with the birth of a man, his fate is written (determined). These sayings said many years ago will continue to prove their relevance from then till today and for eternity to come. Because the logic that works behind it is “universe” since the universe is dynamic and changes its position every moment. But when you or anyone in the world is born, then this whole universe and the 12 zodiac signs, 27 constellations and the entire solar system stop at its place or it stops. It never means that the universe loses its mobility when someone is born, but it means that, the moment when a child takes consciousness from his mother’s womb and is born on the earth world, the universe at exactly that time. The current position of the zodiac signs, constellations and planets present in it is its luck or fortune. In Vedic astrology, this position is called Janam Lagna or Janam Kundli. We understand it as luck or luck in the language of common parlance or in the absence of knowledge.

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Now your fate or luck (birth Lagna) as written at the time of your birth is affected by the present position of the zodiac, constellations and planets present in the universe. It has the ability to affect the body, wealth-family, might, happiness, children- learning, enemy, wife and even death, permanently present in your luck.

Can fate or luck be changed………

Now that we know what is destiny or luck, the above question has no relevance. Because your destiny is related to the moment you were born and you or no one in the world can change that moment. If you cannot change the time of birth, then you cannot change your destiny or luck either. But you can definitely know the secrets hidden in the womb of your destiny. You can find out when the time is going to be right for you and when you need to be careful.

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Can fate or luck be influenced?

As far as influencing luck is concerned, there are some remedies mentioned in Vedic astrology for this. But it is necessary to clarify here that we can only influence the good or bad situation related to our fate so that the intensity and duration of its bad consequences can be reduced and the duration and intensity of good results can be increased. There are many such remedies Vedic astrology is sitting inside itself. Scholars and knowledgeable people have been taking advantage of these remedies since ancient times. In these remedies, you can also control the good and bad effects of your destiny by means like energetic gems, Vedic yantra, rudraksha, and Vedic remedy kit.

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With the blessings of Ganeshji,
Aman Verma