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A new way of Match-Making

The Kundali matching or match-making in general is done through various ways. Some people even use numerology for appropriate match-making. In practice, astrologers tally an Ascendent relation between

Mars & Venus,
Sun & Moon and

Further, they refer Navmansha Kundli as well as the Dashas. They also study the Moon signs. These studies make it easier for the astrologers to find out who will be more dominant of the two and so they can guide their clients accordingly. As per my study, we have to find out whether a horoscope is positive or negative.

(1)Find out how many male planets are in male Rashi. Give them one point each.

Male planets are:- Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Pluto.
Male Rashis are:- 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 &11.

(2)Find out how many female planets are in female Rashi. Give them one point each.

Female planets are:- Moon, Venus & Neptune
Female Rashis are:- 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12.

(3)For Mercury:- If it is placed with a male planet, consider it as a male; if it is with a female planet, consider it as a female.

(4) For Rahu & Ketu:- Consider them as per the Rashi Lords.

If there is any male planet in female Rashi, give it a zero point. Same rule is applicable for a female planet when it is placed in male Rashi. Now, calculate the points and find out who scores more male or female. If the points of both the candidates are the same, then refer the Ascendent i.e. it is a male or female Rashi. This will indicate whether the Horoscope is positive or negative. Thus, while match-making, we will get any of the four combinations, which are as under:

(1)Boy positive & Girl positive
(2)Boy positive & Girl negative
(3)Boy negative & Girl positive
(4)Boy negative & Girl negative

The positive will have an ego & hence will try to rule the spouse. The negative will have an understanding nature & hence try to compromise, whenever there are differences. Thus, though the Horoscope is matching very well, condition no.2 & 4 are much more acceptable. In, condition no.1, both will be fighting a lot due to their individual egos & may go for separation. In condition no.3, husband may not like his wife ruling him; however, he may try to compromise & adjust to some extent.

I personally feel, that this way of match making can help the prospective candidates.

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Santosh Deuskar
Celebrity Astrologer