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Anant Chaturdashi is celebrated every year on Bhadrapada Chaturdashi. On this day there is a law to fast for Lord Anant i.e. Vishnu. This year Anant Chaturdashi will be celebrated across the country on 28th September 2023. In many places, worship of Lord Satyanarayan is also done on this day. On Anant Chaturdashi, Ganeshotsav also comes to an end across the country. People worship Lord Vishnu on Anant Chaturdashi and tie a protective shield. The time of worship of Anant Chaturdashi will be throughout the day on 28th September.

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How to do Anant Chaturdashi fast

In this fast, the law of worshiping Yamuna river, Lord Sheshnag and Lord Shri Hari is told. Considering the Kalash as the form of Mother Yamuna, it is established. Along with this, Durva is kept in the form of Sheshnag, Anant created from Kush is also established. Considering the thread of yarn or silk as infinite form, it is tied around the wrist as a rakshasutra. On Anant Chaturdashi, Lord Ganesha should be invoked and worshiped. Rakshasutra is considered to be the form of Lord Vishnu. Before wearing Rakshasutra, one must read the fast story of God. Fruits should be eaten on this day. According to one’s power, one should donate to the poor.

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Anant Chaturdashi fasting story
The fast story of Anant Chaturdashi is as follows. In olden times there used to be a sage named Sumant, his wife’s name was Diksha. Both had a daughter Sushila. When Sushila grew up a little, Mother Diksha passed away. Now the sage started worrying about the upbringing of the child, so he decided to get married again. His second wife and Sushila’s stepmother’s name was Karkasha. Like her name, she was also hoarse in nature. Karkasha gave great trouble to Sushila. That’s how Sushila grew up. Then sage Sumant started worrying about her marriage. After many efforts, Sushila’s marriage with Kaundinya Rishi was completed. But here also Sushila had to face poverty. He had to wander in the forests. One day he saw that some people are worshiping Anant God and are also tying Anant Rakshasutra in their hands. Sushila, knowing the importance of the fast of worshiping the infinite God, asked him the method of worship and following it, he also tied the infinite Rakshasutra on his wrist. Soon his days began to turn. Kaundinya sage became arrogant that he had created all this by his own hard work. After a year, Anant Chaturdashi again came, after thanking Anant God and worshiping him, after tying Anant Rakshasutra and returning home, Kaundinya saw that infinite thread tied in his hand and asked about him. Sushila happily told that by worshiping the infinite God, this rakshasutra has been tied, only after that our days have come good. On this Kaundinya felt himself humiliated and started thinking that Sushila is giving the credit of his hard work to his worship. He got that thread untied. Due to this, the infinite God became angry and on seeing Kaundinya, poverty again came. Then a learned sage made him realize what he had done and asked Kaundinya to repent of his act. For fourteen consecutive years, he kept fast on Anant Chaturdashi, after that Lord Shri Hari was pleased and Kaundinya and Sushila started living happily again. It is believed that the Pandavas also observed the fast of Anant Chaturdashi during their days of suffering (exile), after which they won victory over the Kauravas. Not only this, the day of Satyawadi King Harishchandra also went back after this fast.

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