8 Weird New Year Customs From Across The World!

What do grapes, broken china and yellow undies have in common? They are supposed to bring good luck when eaten, broken or worn when the gong strikes 12 times to ring in the New Year. As 2014 nears an end and 2015 beckons, it would be worthwhile to take a look at how people in different countries welcome the New Year, and what they traditionally do to bring good luck and love in their lives. Read on to find out how people in 8 countries celebrate New Year...

Ganeshaspeaks.com United States:
Ecstatic dancing and cheering at midnight chases the evil spirits away. Kissing your near and dear ones strengthens family bonding in the upcoming New Year.
Ganeshaspeaks.com Mexico:
Pop in one grape as you make 12 wishes at midnight. People here believe that this will bring you lots of love in the New Year.
Ganeshaspeaks.com Ecuador:
To purge all the old negativities, people here burn old newspapers stuffed with firecrackers, and rejoice as the pile goes up in smoke.
Ganeshaspeaks.com England:
Here you rejoice, drink and make merry all night, but first thing in the morning, you make sure the first person to cross your threshold is a good person, as it brings good luck.
Ganeshaspeaks.com Lithuania:
Single women looking for a suitable match might like to try this! Write the names of 12 men you like, each on a different piece of paper, put them under your pillow, and pull out one in the morning. You are likely to marry the man whose name comes out.
Ganeshaspeaks.com Venezuela:
Here wearing a yellow underwear brings good luck. People also believe that when you write a wish on a piece of paper and burn it at midnight, the wish will come true.
Ganeshaspeaks.com Denmark:
When in Denmark, do as the Danes do! Pick up all your old china stuff and chuck it at a friend's house, and you are sure to make more good friends in the new year.
Ganeshaspeaks.com Japan:
Laughter is the best medicine! Here people collect in hoards in public places, ring the bell continuously and laugh all night, as it is supposed to drive away the evil spirits.

27 Dec 2014

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