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Foresee your conjugal life through the the 7th House in your kundali

Foresee your conjugal life through the the 7th House in your kundali

Marriages are made in heaven, so they say. But in many cases, marriages are arranged by astrologers after matching ‘kundalis’. As tying the knot is considered as a significant event in one’s life, there is a lot of expectation and anxiety attached to the institution called marriage, and thus, one has to make sure that marriage happens between two compatible people. For this, the astrologer has to study the 7th House of the horoscope. Let’s discuss what marriage may bring to the various natives born under the 12 Zodiac Signs.

In order to find out which sign appears in the 7th House of the horoscope, one needs to know the ascendant of native’s horoscope.


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The above horoscope shows Leo Ascendant, which is formed due to number 5 appearing at the top centre of the horoscope. Now, suppose this is your horoscope, check the number directly opposite to it. You will find number 11 denoting the Sign Aquarius. This House denotes your marriage and life partner.

By referring to the 7th House, one can gauge how the spouse will be- his/her appearance, behaviour, character, compatibility level with partner, one or multiple marriages, relationships, and much more.

Mentioned below is the 7th House Zodiac sign for each Ascendant. (The Ascendant means the Zodiac sign rising in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth).

Lord 7th
1 Aries Mars Libra Venus
2 Taurus Venus Scorpio Mars
3 Gemini Mercury Sagittarius Jupiter
4 Cancer Moon Capricorn Saturn
5 Leo Sun Aquarius Saturn
6 Virgo Mercury Pisces Jupiter
7 Libra Venus Aries Mars
8 Scorpio Mars Taurus Venus
9 Sagittarius Jupiter Gemini Mercury
10 Capricorn Saturn Cancer Moon
11 Aquarius Saturn Leo Sun
12 Pisces Jupiter Virgo Mercury

In the above mentioned example, if we observe the table, the Lord of the Zodiac Ascendant Leo is Sun, and the opposite zodiac sign of the partner is Aquarius, the Lord of which is Saturn. Thus, now you would read the results of ‘Aquarius in the 7th House’ to know what is in store for you with regards to marriage.

As per Vedic astrology, you should match your kundali before marriage with accurate online horoscope matching for marriage calculator.

What to expect from your married life and life partner?

Libra in the 7th House
If your Ascendant is Aries, then the Zodiac Sign Libra would appear in the 7th House. This sign is ruled by Venus. As it is a sign of beauty, expect a beautiful, balanced & educated partner. If Venus is strong and well influenced, the partner would be good looking, sophisticated and graceful. If otherwise, then opposite results would manifest.
Scorpio in the 7th House
If Scorpio happens to be in the 7th House, then the spouse may not be well educated. She/he may lack sophistication, or may be quarrelsome. Why? Because Mars is the Lord of this Zodiac sign. Mars denotes aggression and leadership qualities. She/he may be fond of physical union as Scorpio is the natural 8th House of the Kala Purusha, which denotes marital enjoyments.
Sagittarius in the 7th House
If Sagittarius happens to be the 7th House of your Birth Chart, then your partner would be a dignified personality, as Jupiter rules this Zodiac sign. She/he may be tall and good looking. The influence of Jupiter makes her/him religious too, unless afflicted. She/he would prove lucky for you.
Capricorn in 7th House
If Capricorn appears as the 7th House of your Horoscope, then you will have a spouse who would be very particular about her/his appearance. In case of wife, she will be fond of ornaments, lovely apparels and cosmetics. In other words, she would always try to look pretty and keep herself updated with latest trends. Your partner is not the one who would easily forgive any behaviour which hurts her/his dignity. They would be superstitious, disciplined & easily angered. Why? Because the fiery planet Mars gets exalted in this sign.
Aquarius in the 7th House
If the sign Aquarius, ruled by Saturn is appearing in the 7th House, you will have a partner who would be a believer in traditions, a bit orthodox, and one who respects elders. Aquarius being an Air sign, they would be intellectual. She/he may not be very beautiful, but certainly virtuous, unless Venus is afflicted in the chart. The marriage may have its ups and downs as you represent the Sun, and she/he represents the Saturn, and it is known that Saturn is inimical to the Sun.
Pisces in the 7th House
If Pisces appears as the 7th House in your Birth Chart, then your spouse would be a religious, cheerful, outgoing person because primarily this sign is ruled by the divine planet Jupiter, and secondly the sign Pisces is a water sign, where water likes to expand or travel freely. She/he will be good in appearance, though not very fair in complexion, and will prove to be your lucky charm.
Aries in the 7th House
With Aries in the 7th House, you may expect a partner who may flare up at the slightest provocations and will be stubborn. This is because the nature of Mars, the Lord of this sign, will fully manifest over here. She/he may dominate you and would not like any form of subjugation. Still, she/he would be the right person to lead the situations and people at home due to her/his inborn and natural leadership qualities.
Taurus in the 7th House
If the Taurus sign appears in the 7th House of your horoscope, you have a high probability of getting a good-looking partner. She/he would be intelligent, with good features, and fond of luxuries. She/he would have refined tastes and may also be fond of good food, You can also expect him/her to be an expert cook. Why? Because Venus rules this sign, and this sign also rules the face in the human anatomy. A strong Venus would mean more of above positive features being present in the spouse.
Gemini in the 7th House
With Gemini in the 7th House, you may look forward to a diplomatic, intellectual and a glib talker, as a spouse. She/he may be good in accounts work naturally, and will be able to take care of the income and expenditures at home. Why? Because Mercury rules this sign and Mercury is the planet for analytical and literal matters. It also relates to commercial propositions. She/he may love reading books or watching the news on television.
Cancer in the 7th House
With Cancer as the 7th House of your Birth horoscope, you may anticipate a gorgeous looking life partner, especially if the Moon is strong in your Horoscope. She would be tall, lovable to talk to, and emotional. Why? Because this sign is ruled by the Moon, and Moon connects to water in the eyes, which is emotions and mind. She/he would be comfortable with financial security, and would not be the one to stand any form of cruelty.
Leo in the 7th House
If Leo appears in the 7th House of your birth chart, you better be ready to adjust to all types of eccentricities in your spouse. Why? Because you represent the Saturn, and she/he the Sun, and these two planets are the worst enemies in the celestial family. She/he would be royalty personified, and royal people cannot stand lapses. Any issue may be blown out of proportions if you make a mistake. But she/he would be very generous and utmost loving to you if you remain faithful to her/him.
Virgo in the 7th House
If Virgo happens to be in the 7th House of your horoscope, you will have a spouse who will prove lucky for you in financial matters. She/he would be tactful and innovative due to the influence of Mercury, and of course beautiful and intelligent too. In this situation, a wife likes make-up and would always be active. She may have a fondness for wealth, and could prove to be a faithful partner, who will nurse your wounds in times of stress and turmoil.

Note of caution
??? Technically, the above parameters are not just the only ones to form an opinion about your spouse. The results may change and vary according to the planets placed in the 7th House, the placement and strength of the Lord of the 7th House, and the aspects received by the 7th House as well as the the Lord of the 7th House.

– We have made a sincere effort to pin point the basic personality traits that are inherent in a person. We reiterate that this is not the only deciding factor to choose your life partner, but is certainly a tool, if adhered to in time. It helps one make a right choice of spouse. Also, if one is already married and takes recourse to astrological guidance, partners can understand each other better, and make life more comfortable and enjoyable. Counselling and remedial measures suggested by astrologers through a deep and analytical study of your charts may prove to be a boon in your life.

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