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Star-struck on Valentine’s Day

Star-struck on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, Ganeshaspeaks takes a look at the stars of some superstars and spells out their love fortune for February 14, 2010.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Brangelina’s blessed life together is headed straight into a blizzard this year. In Angelina’s chart, Ketu – the South Node – is transiting over the 7th House of partnership’s Lord Saturn. With Rahu-Ketu half-return phase and Natal Ketu being in the 2nd House, Brad Pitt has the onus of being the lynchpin of the family. Brad and Angelina need to handle their relationship or it’s headed towards the splitsville.

Mylie Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
Liam Hemsworth’s Authentic birth data is unavailable hence the prediction is based on Miley Cyrus’ chart.

Miley Cyrus’s chart sees Venus, Uranus and Neptune together in Sagittarius. And this congregation spells trouble for them; and she may find stability rare to find at least up to the first week of May 2011. Her craving for a commitment from Liam may reach to the point of desperation. At the same time, Ganesha feels Rahul’s (North Node) transit over Natal Venus may ignite discord between the two, and this fire of discontent may burn for most part of this year.

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra
Newlyweds Shilpa and Raj have the planets smiling down upon them. Shilpa may not face any major difficulties, but she may have to adjust and sacrifice a lot this year to keep the bliss last forever. Ganesha says she needs to keep the balancing act on till March 2010, after which its all much smoother a sail than ever.

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya
Aishwarya’s birth in Virgo Ascendancy and the current transition of Ketu over Natal Ketu will demand a lot from her in terms of striking a fine balance between family and profession. Junior AB has stars in hid graps, but he may find Ash’s confusion views on priorities to be quite the opposite. But by Ganesha grace, this beautiful couple will continue to hit-off as they have. Perhaps, even better.

Salman and Katrina
The Veer and Lady Kat stand at an important juncture of their relationship. While the Kat lady has Jupiter transiting over Moon till the mid-2010, it will form a trine with Natal Sun and Venus later on. And, in this case, her career will come first if she has to make a choice between it and her hunky beau. For our very own Salman though, Rahu’s transit over Natal Sun will be laboured and unfavourable to the relationship. Combine these two, and it is virtually safe to say that these two shall not enter wedlock in this year at least.

Rahul Gandhi (will he find a soul mate)
If you had to explain the term ‘Eligible bachelor’ with an example, then what better an example than Rahul Gandhi. But au contraire, born in Cancer Ascendant and Venus settled in comfortably, it seems he may not be single and available. But with Lord Saturn of the 7th House of marriage and union has been debilitated, and hence marriage vows for Rahul look distant for now. But with the planets changing course, the time from the last quarter of 2010 to mid-2011 seems to be the most favourable for him to take a life partner for his own.

Ranbir Kapoor (will he settle with one woman this year)
Bollywood’s blue-eyed Ranbir Kapoor may have his hands full with projects, and so is his love life. And if the charts are anything to go by, he may still have time to wake up to his one true love. Born with a planetary stellium in Virgo with Venus, Sun, Saturn and a retrograde Mercury, it seems his love life is dancing all over the place. Though Venus is being replaced by Mercury in the Neech Bhang Raj Yoga, its position in the Virgo constellation indicates a long time before Ranbir actually settles down with in one steady relationship. Well, he may play merry-go-round for much part of this year, but it seems he could just start settling in by the second half of 2010.

Ayesha Takia and Farhan Azmi
Farhan Azmi’s authentic birth data is unavailable so the predictions are based on Ayesha Takia’s Horoscope.
Ayesha Takia married long-time beau Farhan Azmi last March, and it was a wedding not to be missed. But with Ayesha having Venus in Aries along with Rahu and Moon, things could get disturbing and overly emotional. A slight discord could prove to be a knot in their relations for now. Luckily, no other hard transits to Natal Venus or Moon will affect their marital bliss. Ayesha is in store for some better time from June 2010 to the third quarter of 2011 – both personally and professionally.

Paris Hilton (Will she tie the knot?)
Paris is under the influence of Venus major period and sub-period of Moon which will dictate terms till 1st December 2010. The ensuing sub-period of Mars will rule rule till 1st August 2012, and seeing this, Ganesha says that pretty Paris’s dreams of walking down the aisle will be unfulfilled. But there might be light at the end of the tunnel for her, and the second half of 2011 to August 2012 could well see the paparazzi splashing pictures of Paris in bridal livery.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (state of their marriage and what the future holds)
Ganesha observes, that Demi’s retrograde Venus falls on Ashton’s Uranus, which is in Libra, is indicative of a strong yet slightly unconventional relationship. But it is obvious, isn’t it. While, Demi has a Jupiter and Venus transit in favour this year; things could turn for the good for the couple.

egan Fox
Screen-scorcher Megan Fox is born with Virgo Ascendancy and Venus – who presides over affairs of the heart – is in Gemini; and this indicates a rather indecisive state for her. For 2010, Jupiter’s transit over Natal Jupiter and later through the Seventh House – of marriage and relationships – could well see this sexy siren falling head over heels into love. Finding a man won’t be difficult, but someone who stands his ground and not melt instantly is what Ganesha hopes happens.

Tabu (Will she marry)
We still wonder when the wedding bells would toll for this talented actress. Too long has she now put-off the inevitable. With Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and a retrograde Venus in Libra, characterised by a weakened Saturn, Tabu it seems is a long way off from taking the vows. Saturn is exactly opposite to Natal Venus in degrees and this will be manifested as roadblocks in her search for a suitable match. If any, that is. The period from 2nd September 2010 to 1st January 2011 will see Venus in transiting into Libra; and under this ‘return Venus’ influence, the time could be quite ripe to find her soul mate.

Imran Khan and Avantika Malik
As Avantika Malik’s authentic birth data is unavailable so the predictions are based on Imran Khan’s Horoscope.

The Imran-Avantika pair looks to be good to be true. Which is what Ganesha say could be disturbing, as they may face some serious challenges till May 2011. He observes that Imran will have to shun having butter-fingers when it comes to handling differences with Avantika. Admirably, though he is a loyal lover, but he might just need to walk the extra mile to maintain the status quo of his relationship.
Saif and Kareena

Bollywood tinsel town’s most hot couple stand at an important crossroad. While Jupiter’s transition favours a wedding in the near-future, Saturn’s transit over Venus in Saif’s chart may keep things from materialising; and hence Ganesha advises them to give personal life a top priority status for now. But apart from that small hiccup, the charts are on fire indicating the union of Kareena and Saif in knots of matrimony.

Aamir and Kiran Rao
Taare zameen par no more for Amir and Kiran. Amir’s Venus and Kiran’s Sun , both are in Aquarius and this indicates a strong pull for each other in the relationship. But being born with Venus in Pisces, Kiran may find it rather difficult to keep Amir attracted to her. The year ahead though is very favourable as Jupiter transits over Amir’s Venus and later over Kiran’s Natal Venus. To cut a long story short, there’s plenty of sunshine and rain for their love to blossom and grow with new vigour.

SRK and Gauri
King Khan and his lady Gauri have cruised along their married life together through ups and downs. And the Jupiter’s transition through the seventh house of marriage and marital happiness brings only more love and happiness to them. SRK has Saturn in his Seventh house, while Gauri will experience the Venus return post-September 2010. Both of these alignments are powerful benefices and their love will mature to the next level in 2010.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni