Dreamy, compassionate and watery…15 ways you will be a true Pisces in 2015!
1. Your compassion and affection will shine through on more than one occasion this year, as you bail many of your friends out of their problems, they may have gotten themselves into.
2. However, this is one quality of yours that can cut both ways. Especially when you tend to overdo it – it can work to your own detriment, as you may end up getting too entangled in others’ problems..
3. Your circumstances shall be changing rapidly this year, and you will surprise yourself with the pliability and adaptive streak, which shall help you adapt your working style, as required.
4. At the same time you will not compromise on your own creativity and imaginativeness, which will give you great work satisfaction…
5. ….but this can be very temporary, as you will need results and external encouragement to keep you on the right track, or else you may soon lapse into one of your famous self-pitying moods.
6. Nonetheless, you will prove yet again that with the proper motivation, you can do wonders, but you will also realise that you also need to learn to keep yourself motivated and positive.
7. You will be extremely loyal in your relationships, whether it is with your spouse or with friends, and will try to keep the tempo up in your relationships by coming up with out-of-the-box ideas to keep the bond fresh and fun.
8. You, to the dismay of many, shall eschew a position of leadership, as you know you tend to lack the self-discipline and self-confidence that such a role calls for….
9. This shall also put a question mark on your organisational abilities, accountability and responsibility. And, that is why probably you will do well to be more willing to take up responsibility and show the world how sincere and dedicated you can be.
10. Everything that is mystical or spiritual will draw you like a bee to honey, and it is very likely that you shall enrol as a disciple any such course of study or institution.
11. This year, you are also likely to miss out on a golden opportunity, such as a very lucrative job offer, but you will have nothing to blame except your own inertia and self deprecating behaviour – which shall not take you places. Remember, your escapist attitude will work only to a certain extent, and a time will come when you shall have no option but to face challenges head-on.
12. Your temperamental side too may come to the fore, on some occasions, and you may swing between elation and depression like a pendulum. Do learn to stay stable.
13. Your famous intuition and gut-feeling will be as sharp as ever, and you will be able to explain off situations, which others may find too confounding…
14. …but despite this you may remain indecisive – especially, when it comes to taking an important decision which impacts your own life, you shall be seriously found wanting.
15. Last but not least, this year, too, you shall try your best to strike a beautiful balance between your materialistic and spiritual tendencies – something which no other Sign can do as well as yours in the entire Zodiac.

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