Reliable or Flitty? 15 ways sincere Capricorn shall be their usual self in 2015…
1. Your independent streak will be all the more prominent this year, and you will prefer to go about completing your tasks without seeking help from others, unless absolutely imperative…
2. …but when it comes to helping others, especially your good friends or near and dear ones, you will always be there for them – both with your resources and your ideas.
3. You may not be an open book, and it may be difficult even for your close friends to judge what may be going on in your mind, but rest assured, for they know you always wish them well.
4. This year, you shall prove yet again your unflinching sense of responsibility, as you lead from the front and motivate all your team members to achieve their individual targets.
5. Most importantly, you will show that your helpfulness is also entirely selfless, as you will expect nothing in return of the good turns that you do to people around you.
6. It is also the reason why you shall garner a lot of respect and social esteem, and people will rush to you whenever they need guidance, regarding any problem that they may be facing.
7. You happen to be very creative – it is an inborn trait, not an acquired one – and you shall spontaneously do your work in novel ways – others may not even be able to imagine.
8. When it comes to money, you make good, wise investments because you look at the long-term and also at what will be most beneficial – a couple of decades down the line.
9. At times, though, you may take your stern sense of discipline and responsibility too far, which can take a toll on both you and people around you.
10. And, when things don’t shape up exactly as you had pictured them, you shall tend to become a bit depressed, but this will teach you to keep your expectations reasonable.
11. You shall be very ambitious this year, and will even succeed to a large extent in your pursuits, but remember to be patient and not expect the fruits of your labours to come overnight.
12. Many of you will get a new, more lucrative job opportunity, but instead of jumping on to it impulsively you shall carefully weigh all the pros and cons, before taking a decision.
13. You have a very active mind and strong powers of concentration, so that while working you shall be immersed in your tasks and be oblivious of everything else.
14. This does not mean you shall be living in an ivory castle; your one foot will be firmly planted on the ground and you will not lose sight of the big picture.
15. Just take care to remember that between the colours white and black, there are certain shades of grey, and that you need to make space for them.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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