Virgos – 15 things you can be perfect at…in 2015, with just a l’ll effort!


1. Strive for Perfection

Well, this can’t be new or difficult for you. Is it? You were born to aim and then, smartly, strategically and calculatedly move towards perfection. You do not like leaving things mid-way, nor do you like when others do so. In all you attempt in 2015, just ensure going an extra mile (or, maybe, even a step), says Ganesha. And, surely do not get disheartened, if you meet some dead-ends, early on in the year. They will disappear soon, given you unabatedly continue your drive to the perfection.

2. Give complete attention to detail

You are blessed with unmatched analytical skills, and your logical side is just so strong. Your element Earth qualities of practicality and realism add to your unwavering ability to scrutinize and understand even the most confusing mysteries, better than any average person. Use these aplenty and to your advantage in 2015 – and give minute attention to every teeny-weeny detail – about anything you are interested in – your finances included, says Ganesha.

3. Dress to kill and gracefully accept compliments…

You are naturally an elegant dresser, and your feminine charm rarely fails to invite sly glances and compliments. This year too, whatever your mood be or however deeply immersed you may continue to be in work, do not compromise on your sartorial sense. If you are well turned out each time you approach a dreary task, a bluey Monday or a terrible co-worker, you will feel a surge of self-belief gushing through you – that will help you keep floating. And, when someone compliments you, don’t act all ‘clueless’ ‘hoity toity’ or sarcastic. Just accept the flowy praises as you should – gracefully!

4. …and yet, remain grounded and modest!

Say Thank you! But, don’t ever let those praises, compliments or admiration hoots go to your head. No one should be able to play with the practical and down to earth you. Even when you get tonnes of material or success, which you are likely to get in 2015, you should not lose that sane head over those sturdy shoulders, reminds Ganesha.

5. Work out regularly…and remain fit and healthy.

TWell, that isn’t a task! Is it? Not for you – the most fitness conscious Zodiac Sign! In 2015, it will even be more important, and maybe slightly difficult, given your tight schedules, to stick to your exercise regimen. But, you must carry forth with dedication and strength on to your path of fitness and health.

6. Be practical and analytical, yet do have fun!

Your element Earth bestows you with tonnes of realism and practicality. And, there hardly is a more analytical Sign than you in the entire Zodiac. Well, that’s excellent! And, do use these wonderful qualities to charmingly wade your way through tough waters in 2015. But, do not go overboard, and do not take life too seriously. Lighten up, and have fun!

7. Help others…

Don’t frown, for no one’s distrusting the fact that you are generous and good at heart. You can be a wonderful friend to the people whom you trust and value. This year, though, just try and go a step extra in giving back to the Universe by helping others unconditionally. And, it doesn’t have to be in material terms always, points Ganesha. You are intelligent, sorted and will be stable in 2015 – while the people around you may be slightly struggling, Instead of feeling proud of your organisational ability and smirking at others – try helping a clumsy one!

8. ….but, don’t go overboard!

Right, right…you help your clumsy co-worker by telling various ways to organise, plan and even make lists (your specialty). But, please don’t go too far and end up being critical about him/ her – or, for that matter, anyone. Your keen analytical eye lets you see the loopholes, shortcomings, gaps – which others may miss – or may choose to miss. That, however, doesn’t mean you have to point them all to the world and be a preacher. Keep your views to yourself, at times, points Ganesha. And, this will help you maintain your relationships in 2015.

9. And, do NOT give Unsolicited Advice….

Well, it’s almost the same scenario as the aforementioned. This world’s full of all sorts of people. So, it’s okay, if a friend isn’t planning a baby till the age of 35, OR if your spouse refuses to clean up all his/ her wardrobes every fortnight – with an amazing alacrity as yours. DO NOT tell people what they SHOULD DO – at least, all the time, or they will start to resent your advice – however useful it may be. And, NO SARCASM, please!

10. Flaunt your mental and physical agility!

Whoop! They don’t call you the Virgin without reason. Your Sign signifies the prime of life – the Youth. And, nothing at all should stop you from embodying all that the Youth embodies. You are blessed with a natural mental and physical agility – which is unmatched, most of the times. And, thus, you Panthers, please feel free to exercise your agile muscles, whenever you can – a jog, a Yoga class, an hour-long puzzle solving session with your BFF, a new video game….anything!

11. Yet, strive to be a little more flexible…

Yes, you heard it right. You are very agile and pliable indeed, but the flexibility that we are hinting at here is – about your temperament. Many of you tend to have rather fixed views of the world, people and the rights (and the wrongs). Just be a little more accepting of others’ idiosyncrasies, weaknesses or quirks, and you will see a world of positive difference to your own happiness ?

12. Listen (not just hear) to others!

Give an ardent ear to a loved one or a dear friend this year, says Ganesha, and you will see even your most confusing relationships getting back on track. You tend to be quite self immersed or opinionated, which may give you a rather uni-dimensional view of your world, relationships or people. This, in-turn, can make you grumpy or unsatisfied. Try looking at other people’s perspective – by listening to their version – and you may be pleasantly surprised.

13. Trust the Universe…people, situations et al

It’s a great thing to be careful, vigilant and on guard all the times – in this increasingly difficult world full of perplexing situations and cringe-inducing people. That lets you get a headway in most situations, and may also be one of the biggest reason behind your super success. However, try letting go a bit at times. Lower you antennae just once, and see how relaxed you feel. If not everyone, learn to trust your closest people – about various things, and their own abilities.

14. See the Positives

The world is not one big, bleak canvas in black and white! It has many pleasing (and sometimes, unpleasing) shades of grey and there are areas, which you can fill with all the glorious colour you want – given you train your eye, mind and heart to see and identify them. In short, learn to see the positive side of people, things and the whole wide world. And, this will become easier, once you try and trust people – so 14 will automatically follow from the 13., ensures Ganesha.

15. Be the perfect parent, spouse, kid, student – that you so effortlessly are!

We end at the same note at which we had started – for we can’t seem to over-emphasise your dedication, will, loyalty and care – to be perfect to the people who matter! So, in 2015 too, just be a tad more sensitive to all your special relationships, says Ganesha.

3 Feb 2015


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