14 Ways You Stamped, Yet Again, Your Gemini Identity.

Ganeshaspeaks.com 1. You showed that you are a gem of a person by adjusting even with the most difficult of people.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 2. When the chips were down, you showed how you could win the day with your wit and humour.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 3. Your eloquence won you many new friends.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 4. You also managed to hold your own in intellectual discussions; in fact, many times, you were the one to provide the intellectual stimulation.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 5. For the umpteenth time you showed, through your love for freedom, that you could not be pinned down by situations.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 6. Your zest for life was evident in the way you handled problems big and small.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 7. There were times when your confusion showed through, especially when you tried to gobble up more than you could chew.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 8. Your lack of consistency drove even your closest ones to the brink of despair.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 9. Irrespective of what people thought about others, you judged them solely on the basis of how they treated you and you alone.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 10. People thought you were shallow because you lacked an eye for detail.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 11. And yet, you proved indisputably that you saw the big picture better than anyone else.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 12. Your indecisiveness cost you a very lucrative job opportunity.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 13. You proved, on more than one occasion, how you could see the silver lining where other people saw only the dark cloud.
Ganeshaspeaks.com 14. With all the positivity you possess, you also proved how easy it was for you to get bored with something monotonous.

20 Jan 2015

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