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14 important predictions for 2014 – for India

14 important predictions for 2014  – for India
  1. Saturn, Mars, Rahu will be conjunct in Libra for a longer time frame during 2014. In view of the same, Ganesha feels that some major event is likely to take place in the Indian Political scenario, which looks set to have major impact on the forthcoming elections.
  2. There may also be a major threat to a leading politician’s life and security.
  3. Foreign terrorist groups might attack during 2014.
  4. Planetary transits during the year ahead indicate that there shall be major fluctuation in the real estate sector during the year ahead.
  5. During February and March 2014, short-term and Intraday traders will need to play their cards very carefully, a major downfall/ crash in the markets is foreseen.
  6. The Indian film industry may make more number of films on unconventional subjects like paranormal, mysteries and metaphysics.
  7. The Indian Film industry, however, may remain in news, as it may witness mishaps/ deaths/ unfortunate incidents under mysterious circumstances.
  8. Some famous authority figures/ socially acclaimed people may come under the sex-trap, due to an odd Venus transit during 2014.
  9. The public upheaval and voice against the dynastic rules is likely to get stronger.
  10. People with progressive ideas and mind-set shall be all blazing, and will be at the centre of people’s attentions.
  11. Jupiter – the planet that rules the ether element will be transiting through its sign of exaltation over Stellium in India’s National Horoscope – so we may expect a renaissance of sorts in the field of telecommunication, space technology, traveling and communications.
  12. During the first half of the year, a natural calamity or a disaster is likely.
  13. India may also see the fall of a major business tycoon during 2014.
  14. Union related issues, an epidemic or a catastrophe is foreseen during first half of the year 2014.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team