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11 Ways You Come Closer to God Every Christmas

11 Ways You Come Closer to God Every Christmas

(And, every Festival You Celebrate With A Pure Heart and True Love For Humanity)

1. You forget all man-made divides – of rich, poor, caste, class, colour, race, age, gender – and revel in the festivities with the true Christmas spirit.

2. You smile and wish – with all your heart and soul – a Merry Christmas to everyone who passes by you or meets you.

3. You spread love and cheer, and carry with you, wherever you go, the positive, happy vibe of the festive season.
4. You give your love and affection to children, by telling them the legends behind the festival, by teaching them the moral values so closely ingrained in this lovely festival and by being their loving Santa.

5. You love unconditionally and gift, without expecting much in return.
6. You do some service to the society and devote some time to a charitable cause this Christmas. Gift little knick knacks to street kids, give away some of your woolens to the poor so their Christmas too would be as warm and cosy as yours, or cook a feast and visit an old age home/ orphanage in the neighbourghood to share and enjoy the bounties.

7. You visit or spend some serious quality time with your parents and families, and help them feel special on this lovely day.

8. You bring a ‘smile’ to someone’s face you don’t know – or someone, who specifically looks like in the need of a smile.

9. You raise your melodious voice to its highest chords and sing Christmas Carols in your best mood – smiling, gesturing, lost in the harmony!

10. You make a sincere prayer to the ‘One God’ that He makes this world a more loving, peaceful, tolerant, beautiful and humane place for the entire humanity.

11. You close you eyes, concentrate all your senses and feel that ‘special’ peace deep inside you. And, as you open your eyes, you see smiling, contended faces and feel the cheerful vibe around you. And, you once again, close your eyes and be grateful and thankful to the mighty God for all the love and cheer the world is full of, all the bonhomie and brotherhood, which is stronger than any amount of hatred and fear, the power that heals all the wounds and make people smile.

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