Ten Practical Steps - To Stay Happy and Feel Contented!

Everyone seeks happiness and hope to be successful in life. We all are looking to find the road that leads to happiness and success. Well, first of all you should understand that happiness is a journey, and not a destination. Moreover, happiness is found along the path, and not at the end of the path. Success is not the key to happiness, but it's the other way round. If you are interested in your work, and able to do it happily, you shall be successful no matter what. Then, why not work towards securing a life that's happier and more contended!

You can increase the possibility to succeed and be happy in your personal as well as professional life, by following the given tips:

1. Keep your expectations realistic: We all have various expectations in life. Although, many expectations are rational and attainable, some of them tend to be idealistic and inappropriate. However, the fact is that several individuals expect the impossible and non-viable, which ultimately makes them unhappy. This feeling of discontent may disturb and distract you. Subsequently, it decreases your interest and attention towards the task on hand at your workplace and home. Finally, this affects your efficiency and reduces your chances of success. Thus, you need to have realistic expectations from yourself and from the world around you.

2. Stay practical: Buyers, sellers, friends, relatives, employers, employees, parents and life partner will have expectations from you. And, you will come across situations, which will overwhelm you. Emotions are a part and parcel of human life, and under duress and pressure from outside agencies, we tend to take impractical, foolhardy decisions, basis arrogance, jealously, hatred or even love. Don't do that, otherwise you are heading towards disappointed. And, the results shall only be negative. Thus, do stay practical as you go about setting your goals, saying 'Yes' or 'No' to others' demands or executing your projects.

3. Be open to changes: Many people dislike changes, despite knowing that change is the only constant in this world. The changes in life would benefit them, yet they just avoid or cannot accept it. And so, they lead a stagnant life. It is observed that after getting used to things, some individuals face difficulties, while changing their existing lifestyle. They may be afraid to take the risks, and like to continue in the current situation. You need to be open for a change! Even the Vedic wisdom, which is quite ancient, yet progressive, encourages you to stay open to the change with the changing times.

4. Be ready to accept new ways: You should be prepared to give up the way you are living presently, and proceed on to a new and better path – whenever life offers you a chance. Make all efforts to implement the novel ideas and new methodology. Use the latest things and dare to take the untrodden path. You may also have to change your attitude for the better. Forget the old traditions and modify your existing routine. For starters, you may change your habits and start eating healthy food. You should learn new techniques to improve things at the workplace or home. In a nutshell, you should be ready to accept new ways.

5. Refrain from being overly materialistic: It is necessary for everyone to buy various things as per their requirements, and thus feel comfortable in life. However, the world at large has become too materialistic in the last few decades. People are attracted towards material pleasures. They are just interested in gathering various things like money, vehicles, property, valuables, and much more, not realising ever that this is a never-ending quest. Thus, if you want to remain happy, you need to let go of your overly materialistic tendency. You may chant mantras like Gayatri Mantra and Vedic Stotras, which will help you curb your materialistic tendency and regain balance.

6. Be contented with what you have: After possessing the necessities, we tend to go for comforts, and finally seek luxuries. This is natural and applicable to all human beings throughout the world. Do not become greedy, and dispose off unwanted or extra things in your life. This will give you time and energy for other important activities in life. Ultimately, it will lead to peace of mind, and shall make you truly happy and contented. The key is – you need to be contented with what you have!

7. Refrain from being a pessimist: As we get older, we are prone to become sceptic. It may not be easy to convince elderly people as they might be inclined towards negativity. Some individuals may also become suspicious and might not trust others. Thus, irrespective of your age, or the adverse situation, you should always try to remain cheerful and jovial.

8. Think positively: Start thinking positively, and try to be hilarious. Negative thoughts will only make you sad and cause failure. So, be cheerful and also develop your sense of humour. If you are happy, you shall also feel better. Tell a joke or narrate a funny incident, and spread happiness. Always try to maintain a positive attitude to be happy and successful in life.

9. Take up a job/ business that gives you joy: Always take up a job or do a business in which you have profound interest, so that you can work wholeheartedly. Also, you will never feel that you are working as the work itself will give you immense joy and pleasure. There is an old saying that goes “If you enjoy what you do, you will not work a single day in your life!”.

10. Give your hundred percent: Don't try to be a perfectionist, it may bring you a lot of misery. The best thing would be to carry on with your hard work with all your heart and soul into your work, without bothering about the end result. Even Vedic scriptures advocate this way of life, and the Holy Geeta is a testimony to that. When you give your hundred percent to your work, you shall definitely achieve excellent results.

Ganesha's Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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