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Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology is one of the oldest form of Numerology and has arisen from the ancient kingdom of Babylon. This form includes a lot of mysticism as it is a bit similar to the Kabbalah form of Numerology.

What is Chaldean Numerology?

It is usually calculated in a specific manner in which the outer personality of a person is based on the single digit numbers whereas the two digit numbers signifies the inner personality of the person. Furthermore, as far as the name is concerned in this Numerology, instead of using the original name of the person, the name by which you are commonly called is used here. Also, to calculate the prediction, the month and the day of your birth is considered.

Calculate Your Number Via Chaldean Numerology

For example, if we are to consider the name SIMON, then we will add up all the numbers that represent that particular alphabet. In this case, S+I+M+O+N = 3+1+4+7+5 = 20 = 2+0 = 2. Therefore, the number representing SIMON is 2. The calculation in Chaldean Numerology is a bit complex where the number 9 is mostly avoided as it is a pious number. Chaldean Numerology focuses on improving a person to be a better human in terms of the vibrations emitted in harmony with the soul within. In this system,

Chaldean Numerology Chart:


OrA, I, J, Q and Y = 1 Similarly, B, K, R = 2C, G, L, S = 3D, M, T = 4E, H, N, X = 5U, V, W = 6O, Z = 7F, P = 8 All these numbers are allocated to these alphabets according to the vibrations each letter emits which is the main essence for the numbering process in this system. The number 9 comes into the picture only when all the calculations are done or when the addition of all the vibrations adds up to 9 in accordance with the name. Therefore, the Chaldean Numerology is more mathematics based and a variety of interesting conclusions can be drawn through this system of prediction. It is considered to be more precise than the the Pythagorean system but not many people follow this as it is not easy to master this technique. Mesopotamia which is now Iraq, had a lot of followers of this technique of Numerology in the society that had prevailed. Each alphabet holds specific characteristics according to the number assigned to them:

Meaning of Numbers in Chaldean Numerology:

0 = To work on your true potential and skills as they are yet to be explored

1 = A powerful number which makes you self reliant and commanding

2 = Adaptable and compatible

3 = ready to face challenges and involve in more creativity

4 = Disciplined and in order

5 = You love freedom and exploring in a creative fashion

6 = Someone who is busy in important things, a teacher or a consultant

7 = A curious person who is smart as well as deferential

8 = determined, ambitious, bearable, money-focused and resolute in nature

So, according to what alphabet you belong to will you be given the assigned number, which in turn will describe how your characteristics are. The Chaldean approach is quite different from others, especially the Pythagorean Numerology as they both follow two distinct procedures in calculating the numbers and its various aspects. Overall, this method is a bit complex to understand and learn.

Chaldean Numerology helps people to become a better person with the help of the vibrations that connects the body and the soul.

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