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Letting Go Meditation: Why? How?

Letting Go Meditation: Why? How?

You are made of cells, you must have heard this a million times, but do we really understand what a cell is? A cell has its own intelligence or in other words, every cell has a mind of its own and they can behave on their own when not controlled directly by your mind. It would not be wrong to say that life is in constant communication with nature or your surroundings at many levels. There is a barter system of give and take going on around you every second you are alive, even while you are asleep. Your physical body, your thoughts, your emotions, your focus are all sending and receiving vibrations to the surroundings, and there are millions like you who are directly or indirectly influencing our home, called earth. As you accumulate positive vibrations, you also inevitably absorb negative vibrations, so no matter how much positive vibration you emit, you are never 100% shielded against the negative vibrations.

Meditation is a process of cleansing and enhancing your positives. If meditation is done first thing after waking up, you would be able to carry that calmness and balance throughout the day, and this would reflect on every act that you voluntarily or involuntarily get involved in, rendering you more productive at all levels. Do not be astonished if many in your immediate vicinity notice your happiness and begin to regard you as a superhuman.

This becomes all the more relevant especially in the times where we live such stressful lives forcing us to sleep late in the night and fighting for that 10-minute extra nap in the morning and then again jumping into the storm without any protection or information about how to handle the corporate storm. This is a perfect scenario where meditation immediately when you wake up makes a lot of sense. People who have been meditating for a long time believe that doing it in the morning helps you effortlessly cruise through a tough day.

According to ancient Hindu texts, the morning time before sunrise is considered the “Brahma muhurta,” meaning the time of the creator. This is known to be the most auspicious and suitable time for spiritual practices. This time has something special. The magic of this time has been witnessed not only by spiritual practitioners but also by the students who find their memory and grasping to be at their peak during this period and also the musicians who feel there is some divine flow happening through them in the form of music during this period.

When we talk about our generation, it is almost impossible to utilize the “Brahm muhurta” and get up that early. So to keep it practical, whenever you wake up should be considered the right time for meditation. Though early morning meditation has its own advantages, for people who cannot get up that early, morning meditation is also equally beneficial.

In your life, there are always two ways you find. And it’s up to you which way you want to continue your life. The first path takes you to fulfil your desires easily, but it is not for a long time period. And another path leads to the same desire, but it is a little more difficult to cross. However, if you achieve your goal in this manner, your dreams will be fulfilled, you will be a better person, you will be respected in society, and most importantly, you will be happy and satisfied with yourself. So now you have to choose what you want from your life?

Though the benefits might be endless and could only be experientially absorbed, let’s look at some of the benefits of morning meditation.

When you start your day with morning relaxation meditation, you spend your day relaxed and calm, no matter how vibrant circumstances you are exposed to. Did it seem to you anytime how wonderful it would have been if we had an undo button or a refresh button in our lives? Well, meditation does exactly that. Once you get used to it, you wouldn’t miss a day, that is for sure. It would be perfect if you can accommodate 25-30 minutes in your life for morning relaxation meditation, but if on some days you do not have that much time, a quick morning meditation for positive energy can also be helpful. It could be done anywhere. While commuting to your office, just before starting at your work station, while walking, etc., a quick morning meditation for positive energy can be made a habit.

If you do morning meditation for energy and motivation, you will never fall short of creative inspiration throughout the day. You will enjoy challenges and come out with flying colors in every tasks you lay your hands upon. This will help you adorn a brighter and out-of-the-box perspective to solving and managing corporate issues. This becomes all the more important if you hold an important position in an organization where you influence a big number of employees. Before trying to manage anything else, you should be able to artistically manage your own body and mind at the core.

The morning meditation for stress and anxiety is also a very useful tool to handle modern-day diseases like anxiety, depression, and stress are so common. When you continue to do morning meditation for a prolonged period, it eventually becomes a powerful morning meditation. It is so powerful that it has the strength to change your life and your perception 360 degrees.

Step 1. Fix a time in the morning, as meditating at the same time regularly has added benefits
Step 2. Make sure you are comfortable. You can set aside 5 minutes just to ensure that you are comfortable with regards to your dress, a cushion if need be, temperature, etc.
Step 3. You may be lucky to find a quiet dedicated place for meditation, but for the majority, just a quiet place is good enough where we can focus without disturbance
Step 4. Finding a technique that keeps your interest alive is very important. There are endless ways and techniques which could be found on digital media. Find one that suits you the best. It might take a little research before you conclude, but you will agree after a while that it was worth it
Step 5. Be patient. It is not an antibiotic that starts affecting right away. It might take its time before you figure out the right path and start reaping the fruits of this ancient technology

Trying to categorize morning meditation techniques is very similar to trying to explain an ocean while holding a spoonful of water in front of you. There is no specific meditation recommended for a specific ailment. It is for you to dive into the ocean and find your fit. Of course an experienced guru or expert can be of great help. We don’t need proof to know that even if a speck of this science or intellect infiltrates our being, there are unlimited possibilities for how you, the self and not the external you, would find expression.

Guided morning meditation is recommended for people who are preoccupied with thoughts like “this is not my cup of tea” or “I am restless and can’t sit at one place for long.” It would have instructions, some pleasant background music, some natural sounds like water flowing, birds chirping, etc. Guided morning meditation is good for beginners.

A morning gratitude meditation aims at infusing the sense of gratitude and thankfulness and rather appreciating life. The sense of gratitude is an essential glue if you intend to build your castle of happiness and dwell for a long time, eventually hiking higher planes of happiness until you ultimately have a ripened fruit of enlightenment. Morning gratitude meditation becomes of life-saving priority if your definition of happiness correlates to how people around you claim to be happy rather than actually being happy and joyful. This becomes all the more apt if you find that being superior to others is the only way that makes you feel good.

Morning mindfulness meditation is another way of doing it. You should concentrate and be conscious of your breath, the air, your feelings, the wellbeing of your internal organs, your thoughts, and other things during morning mindfulness meditation. Some of the most illustrious Buddhist and Chinese meditation teachers have compared the mind to a monkey, emphasizing the mind’s never-ending distractions if left unattended. This method can also be used as a self-healing technique if you use your imagination. Imagine a golden light pouring through your body from head to toe, cleansing you of the dark black light that is escaping your toes.

In morning abundance meditation, you focus and meditate on the fact that you are in control of abundant and endless sources that you need for your survival. When you instil your mind, breath, and focus on a specific point, the effectiveness of meditation improves. Not to forget the fact that you wouldn’t be a graduate the day you are born, hence it would take its natural course to seep into your lifestyle, obviously, a little smartness and proper guidance would shorten your learning curve.

If there could be one magic pill that can ensure well being of all human beings on this earth, it would be meditation to start your day with. The burning issue that we as a generation are trying to address is that we are trying to control everything around us, but not our minds and body. This journey has to be reversed inwards and the transport vehicle which can take us on a journey within is meditation. Imagine a world where words like anxiety, depression, and stress don’t exist, and this is very much possible if we start investing 25 minutes daily on ourselves.

See, when you go for a job interview, it means you want to be part of that company, but right now you are not. So there is nothing like losing in this situation. There may be something else better than this opportunity that is waiting for you. By understanding this difference and accepting the actual condition can help you to move one further step to understand let go.

Life is never predictable. You always have to be ready for the surprises. Just like the above, let’s take an example of one job interview. Let’s go through the different scenarios. Just think they hired you and you are working for that company for more than a year. Now, suddenly one day they will ask you to resign just because that company does not have any work as per your ability. How do you react to this? As you have certain responsibilities, you will definitely feel down and angry. But when you think in another way, there may be some better opportunities waiting for you and this unpredictable situation can be helpful to get out of all these quarrels.

Practice meditation is one of the best exercises you can do to learn how to let go. With time by practicing meditation, you can understand your mind, your desire and your observation skills will develop day by day. You will start putting your views on any topic or anything going around you. You will be able to understand real things by observing them.

Meditation provides you with a good command of focus and concentration. Mindfulness meditation teaches you to be present in the situation. By combining all this and regular practice of meditation, you will increase your ability to let go. To overcome your fears and anxieties you can practice meditation to let go of control, meditation to let things go, meditation letting go of fear or meditation letting go of control.

Here, strictly does not mean you hurt yourself. It means, if any negative thought comes to your mind, don’t be tense. It is natural. Even meditation cannot stop the activity of your mind. But it means, don’t be upset and find the roots of that negativity and just uprooting and throwing it away.

See, there are always two sides in life, a positive part and a negative. And they are both important to balance our lives. Because, as the tree grows taller, its roots spread. And if we consider a tree as a positive side and roots as a negative one, both gradually increase and have equal importance.

For an entire life, humans work harder and harder to obtain and provide a good life to their family. But in this hurry and competitive life, he always forgets to spare some time for himself. Everyday life demands something new, but you have to choose what to give and not to serve life.

Striving and surrender are both different sides of life. And when you give up on all the striving and practice to surrender during meditation, that spirit of letting go will take place inside you. There is nothing in this moment that will change and surrender into reality or the actual world of the truth. It will take care of you and your desires. You will get everything from your life without begging for it.

You just have to let go in absolute surrender. You must practise meditative surrender. Take on every effort, every exertion, every sense of achievement. You don’t have to do that. Let yourself be free from every concern. Allow yourself to be unproblematic. Allow oneself to be free from any responsibilities. Give yourself all your wishes to go. May you let go of all the things that are so valuable to you. Allow yourself to lose all of your obsessions. Let go of the sense that you are incorrect or that meditation is in any way going to cure you. Without holding anything back, give yourself up and let yourself fly in the sky.

Just let go of everything, surrender everything, but the thing that never let go from your life is practicing meditation. Meditation practice can allow you to fly and swim without limitations. By the practice of meditation, you can let go of your ego, anxiety, anger, fear, and you can get good control of your mind and physical strength as well. For that you can practice meditation to let go of anger, meditation to let go of attachment, meditation to let go of the past, meditation to let go of fear, meditation on letting go of control and meditation of letting go.

Allowing meditation to lapse does not encourage you to bear injustice or to remain silent in the face of wrongdoing. It teaches you how beautiful life is and how to surrender it without wasting your energy in the wrong direction or striving, to find your eternal soul and peace, to let go of the past and future, and to live in the present situation. We recommend that you learn from experts, understand their pros and cons, and practice letting go meditation.