Letting Go Meditation: Why? How?

Letting Go! Is it Really Liberating You From Your Desires?

In your life, there are always two ways you find. And it’s up to you which way you want to continue your life. The first path takes you to fulfil your desires easily, but it is not for a long time period. And another path leads to the same desire, but it is a little more difficult to cross. However, if you achieve your goal in this manner, your dreams will be fulfilled, you will be a better person, you will be respected in society, and most importantly, you will be happy and satisfied with yourself. So now you have to choose what you want from your life?

What Does It Mean To Let Go Meditation?

What do you think when you hear about letting go for the first time? Most of us will understand that let go means it is about simply being. When it comes to religion and in this context we use it, it means no goal, no ambition, no past, no future, and to live here completely, to fall into this quietness, without resistance.

There is no art, no comprehension you need to develop. All you need to do is work on your mind. You cannot change your past, but you are still worried about it. You cannot control your future, but you are concerned about it, and as a result, you cannot be present in your current life.

Forget about all these worries and try to be present in the situation where you are, which mindfulness is teaching us. When you start living your life without any worry about the past and future and just drop them, you will have great things in your life. Because when you don’t have any expectations for the future and no regrets for the past, you can simply be present at the moment. Huge blessings, silences, and excitements effortlessly settle on you in the moment of simply being. And because you have not made any effort, blossoms begin to shower on you, which give you a new aspect to enjoy life.

According to Osho, letting go has a lot to do with gratitude as you’re not asking for anything but instead appreciating. When you go to the temple, you will always see people praying to God, but most of the time, they are not praying to thank God, but to obtain something. When you are grateful without any demand that will prove you are not living in the past or future but you are living in the present situation. This state of mind can teach you to let go. And by practising guided meditation letting go, guided meditation for letting go of control, and guided meditation letting go of fear, you can achieve this.

Steps to Learn Letting Go

To learn let it go meditation for different purposes like letting go of anger meditation, letting go of fear meditation, letting go of control meditation, let go of worry meditation, letting go of resentment meditation, letting go of attachment meditation, letting go of expectations meditation, letting go of the past meditation and letting go of anxiety meditation; first, you should learn how to let go in any situation.

Observe and analyze your Mind

Whenever you want to work on yourself, the first step is to identify or we can say observe yourself. First, be clear in your mind about your desires. What do you want from your life? What are your thoughts? What are the things that make you happy? What are the habits of behaviour that have been formed? When you realise, you are not actually this kind of person, that feeling will provide you with freedom. And then you will start accepting yourself.

Also, observe your emotions. What are the things which make you angry or emotional or you feel depressed? Do not ignore these feelings, but with the time and practice of meditation, you can overcome these weaknesses and learn how to let go.

Understand the difference between Ego and Actual Condition

Let’s take a simple example to understand the difference between ego and actual condition. When you go for the job interview and you get to know after a few days that you are not selected for this company. How did you feel at that time? Most of us get disturbed and feel frustrated. This feeling is not created by us but it is created by our ego, which silently affects our health and mind.

See, when you go for a job interview, it means you want to be part of that company, but right now you are not. So there is nothing like losing in this situation. There may be something else better than this opportunity that is waiting for you. By understanding this difference and accepting the actual condition can help you to move one further step to understand let go.

Accept the unpredictable things

Life is never predictable. You always have to be ready for the surprises. Just like the above, let’s take an example of one job interview. Let’s go through the different scenarios. Just think they hired you and you are working for that company for more than a year. Now, suddenly one day they will ask you to resign just because that company does not have any work as per your ability. How do you react to this? As you have certain responsibilities, you will definitely feel down and angry. But when you think in another way, there may be some better opportunities waiting for you and this unpredictable situation can be helpful to get out of all these quarrels.


Practice meditation is one of the best exercises you can do to learn how to let go. With time by practicing meditation, you can understand your mind, your desire and your observation skills will develop day by day. You will start putting your views on any topic or anything going around you. You will be able to understand real things by observing them.

Meditation provides you with a good command of focus and concentration. Mindfulness meditation teaches you to be present in the situation. By combining all this and regular practice of meditation, you will increase your ability to let go. To overcome your fears and anxieties you can practice meditation to let go of control, meditation to let things go, meditation letting go of fear or meditation letting go of control.

Don’t be strict with yourself

Here, strictly does not mean you hurt yourself. It means, if any negative thought comes to your mind, don’t be tense. It is natural. Even meditation cannot stop the activity of your mind. But it means, don’t be upset and find the roots of that negativity and just uprooting and throwing it away.

See, there are always two sides in life, a positive part and a negative. And they are both important to balance our lives. Because, as the tree grows taller, its roots spread. And if we consider a tree as a positive side and roots as a negative one, both gradually increase and have equal importance.

Striving and Surrender

For an entire life, humans work harder and harder to obtain and provide a good life to their family. But in this hurry and competitive life, he always forgets to spare some time for himself. Everyday life demands something new, but you have to choose what to give and not to serve life.

Striving and surrender are both different sides of life. And when you give up on all the striving and practice to surrender during meditation, that spirit of letting go will take place inside you. There is nothing in this moment that will change and surrender into reality or the actual world of the truth. It will take care of you and your desires. You will get everything from your life without begging for it.

You just have to let go in absolute surrender. You must practise meditative surrender. Take on every effort, every exertion, every sense of achievement. You don’t have to do that. Let yourself be free from every concern. Allow yourself to be unproblematic. Allow oneself to be free from any responsibilities. Give yourself all your wishes to go. May you let go of all the things that are so valuable to you. Allow yourself to lose all of your obsessions. Let go of the sense that you are incorrect or that meditation is in any way going to cure you. Without holding anything back, give yourself up and let yourself fly in the sky.

Just let go of everything, surrender everything, but the thing that never let go from your life is practicing meditation. Meditation practice can allow you to fly and swim without limitations. By the practice of meditation, you can let go of your ego, anxiety, anger, fear, and you can get good control of your mind and physical strength as well. For that you can practice meditation to let go of anger, meditation to let go of attachment, meditation to let go of the past, meditation to let go of fear, meditation on letting go of control and meditation of letting go.

Allowing meditation to lapse does not encourage you to bear injustice or to remain silent in the face of wrongdoing. It teaches you how beautiful life is and how to surrender it without wasting your energy in the wrong direction or striving, to find your eternal soul and peace, to let go of the past and future, and to live in the present situation. We recommend that you learn from experts, understand their pros and cons, and practice letting go meditation.