10-Minute Meditation To Help You Eliminate Stress & Anxiety

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What if we tell you, just a 10-Minute meditation has tremendous benefits? Yes, studies have shown that just sitting for 10 minutes and meditating can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Not only that, but it can also help you focus and concentrate. A study from the University of Waterloo from Canada shows exactly that.

Mindfulness, a popular meditation method can help people with an anxious mind focus better, and you need just 10-minutes of your day. Seldom we find such convenient methods of clearing our minds. Today, we are talking about just that. If you are interested in a perfect 10-Minute Meditation, here is all you need to know.

10-Minutes Meditation: Perfect for Beginners

As someone who is just taking their baby steps in meditation, this is the perfect doorway into this world. Moreover, if you are someone who is following 5-minute meditation for a while now and want to move on to a level above, it will be perfect for you.

Beginners often tend to opt out when going gets tough, and that is when 10-minute meditation will help. There are several benefits of this method, and we are going to discuss them further. But before we move onto the benefits, it is essential to know how to meditate for ten minutes.

Important Aspects of 10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety

Several types of meditation will help you reduce anxiety. On the internet, you can find tons of variations for non-guided and guided 10-minute meditation. Here, we have broken it down into three parts for your ease. Understanding this guide will help you get the most out of your ten minutes. Have a go!

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Posture 10-Minutes Meditation: Perfect for Beginners

The way we sit, stand, or walk matters. For the 10-minute meditation, try to find a place where you are most comfortable. You can sit on the floor or in a chair. You can use a mat or bench too, if you are outdoors. If you want, you can use a cushion to support your back, especially with a chair.

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Similarly, your feet can be cross-legged, touching the ground, or flat. The only thing to remember here is to keep your torso erect. You don’t have to be stiff or stressing yourself. Just try to be in an upright position. Your head can be tilted forward slightly or straight. You can keep your eyes open or close, but remember to keep them in a relaxed position. Keep your hands on the knee or thighs, with arms parallel to your torso.

Take a deep breath in, and feel the posture for a moment.


In meditation, breathing is used as a tool for our attention. There are many internal and external factors that we can fix our attention on. However, breathing would be the easiest as a beginner. To get things going, we will start with three consecutive breaths.

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Be aware of the breaths you are taking. The air going in and out, and then back in. After three breaths, you are most likely to be in sync with your breathing. Now that your attention is on the breathing and you are in the ‘zone’, it is time to talk about thoughts.


The most essential part of self-awareness is the thoughts you will have. You will notice that after the initial concentration on the breathing, your mind will shift its attention. It can be emotions, visualizations, or thoughts of any kind. The idea here is to just acknowledge them at the moment they arise, and come back to breathing.

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In 10-minute meditation, it is important to understand that we are not having just a ten minute breatha-thon. Don’t be harsh on yourself if your mind wanders around. After all, the whole point of meditation is to know yourself better. Self-exploration helps you in many ways, and we will look into it further as we go on the benefits of a 10-minute meditation.

But before that, here are some other aspects you may want to add to your 10-minute meditation, based on your preferences and requirements from the process of meditation.

Other Elements of a 10-Minute Meditation


Motivation is the answer to the question of why meditate? If you are meditating with a final goal in your mind, the motivation will help you guide your thoughts in that direction. If you are doing 10-minute meditation for anxiety or stress reduction, keeping that motivation in mind will help a lot. The motivation will not only make the meditation process easy, but it can also help you make your life better in a tangible way. It can make you and the people around you happier.

Inspiring Thoughts & Sensations

Yes, meditation is about clearing your mind from unnecessary clutter. It is a process of getting closer to knowing ourselves day after day. However, positive thoughts can be uplifting and helpful when it comes to meditation. For example, in Love-Kindness meditation, you will allow yourself to feel the love and kindness you receive from others. Those feelings will inspire positive thoughts and sensations from your heart. Thus, helping you make the most out of your 10-minute meditation.

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Benefits of 10-Minute Meditation

As we know by now, 10-minute meditation is enough to fend off the anxiety and stress you may have. For all of us who are busy in our lives way too much, with a bombardment of technology around us, this is a boon. A 10-minute meditation is a time you are taking for yourself, which will help you a ton with self-improvement and can even lift your mood for the rest of the day! Here, we have listed the benefits of doing 10-minute meditation:

Anxiety & Stress Reduction | Time to Slow Down

As we mentioned, the studies have proven it now. A 10-minute meditation works for anxiety and stress reduction. In a fast-paced life, it is important to slow down and take some time out for yourself.

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Relaxation | A Much Needed Break

In today’s day and age, you may feel that half an hour passes by in a blink when you are scrolling through your cell phone! This 10-minute meditation can help you slow down from the blurriness of the life passing by. Once again, slowing down and being in the moment is important. A 10-minute meditation will help you in being aware of your body, surroundings, and thoughts. Thus, taking you in a relaxed state.

Staying Calm | Develop Patience & Compassion

You can use 10-minute meditation to bring calmness into your day. When you are focused on the present, even for 10-minutes a day, it can help you achieve peace of mind. More and more people are getting into 10-minute meditation for calmness, every passing day.

Energizing Yourself | A Brain Workout

A powerful 10-minute meditation can also give you just the boost you need for a lazy Monday morning. Many use 10-minute morning meditation to go through their day with positivity around them. A 10-minute positive meditation can help you handle stress better. It works for your mind in the same way a physical exercise workout works for your body.

Hope these benefits were able to convince you to start your 10-minute meditation right away! But what after that? Let’s talk about the real deal.

Beyond 10-Minutes Meditation: How to Continue?

Many find it hard to continue and come back every day for a 10-minute meditation. There are several tips and tricks you can use to your advantage and make a habit. But before that, it is advisable to find what meditation is best suited for you.

For example, on Mondays, you may want to go with a 10-minute energizing meditation but that might not work for Sunday morning meditation. Somedays, you may just need a 10-minute meditation for calming the mind, or how about a 10-minute meditation for sleep? In short, understanding why you are meditating and what style you choose is important for both making a habit and continuing with it. In the longer run, that is most likely to reap benefits you want.

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When it comes to continuing meditation, being diligent is the key. That is where 10-minute meditation will help you a lot. It is more than 5-minute meditation and tells you that you can carry on. At the same time, it is not something that will intimidate a beginner. Just come back to meditate every day at the same time, and with some sense of responsibility, you can carry on.

Wrapping Up

Hope this clears up everything about 10-minute meditation. If you are about to go into a session or coming just back from it, remember to acknowledge your thoughts and emotions. Meditation is not about judging them. And when you are ready, you can level it up for a longer duration. Keep Calm and Meditate!

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