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Taoist Meditation

The Taoist meditation technique is an ancient form of meditation that originated in Chinese religion and Taoism. Concentration, mindfulness, reflection, and visualisation are some of the Taoist meditation techniques. The Taoist guided meditation is intended to bring the practitioner into a state of synchronicity with the Sources of Creation. Taoist meditation is a distinctly different type of meditation that places a greater emphasis on healing, energy flow, breathing exercises, reflection, and visualisations. Taoist rituals have a profound side to them as well. People do this to connect with the power of the cosmos and to achieve a deeper understanding of enlightenment. The three laws, also known as the three revisions, are the foundation of Taoist meditation. The following are the three Taoist Meditation techniques:

  • Tiao Xin: The mind must be focused on something.
  • Tiao Shen: The body must be fully relaxed.
  • Tiao Xi: Breathing should be steady, thin, long, even, and gentle.

The three Taoist meditation techniques or modifications are dependent on each other. Our breathing slows down as our mind tells our body to relax. When our breathing slows, our bodies begin to relax and when our bodies are relaxed, our minds are better able to focus. Meditation is the only method that almost every authentic spiritual tradition has used in history to look inward and uncover our true nature. Meditation practices in the Taoist tradition are about systematically releasing everything inside you that prevents you from realizing your full human potential and living the life you truly desire. In the Water system, we aim to develop the “way of water” by acquiring mind-body skills that enable us to yield to and blend with all types of change, one of life’s constants.

Meaning of Taoist Meditation

The word “Tiao” means “to tune-up” or “to change” until all is in harmony and complete. It is similar to fine-tuning a piano so that it can play in tune with others. As a result, Tiao means to collaborate, organize, harmonize, and correspond with others in a constant state of change. Taoist meditation is an activity with no specific goal. It is an aimless, meandering meditation with no preconceived notions or techniques.

Steps of Taoist Meditation

  • Step 1. The first thing to begin is to sit comfortably wherever you desire on the floor, on a cushion, on a mat.
  • Step 2. At this point, do nothing; do not even speak to yourself in your head.
  • Step 3. Enable things to ebb and flow in their own time.
  • Step 4. Observe how, like taking a breath, thoughts appear in your mind without needing you to pay attention to them.

Benefits of Taoist Meditation

You would become a relaxed person if you practice Taoist Meditation techniques on a regular basis. In anything you do, you will have peace of mind. Each day will bring a new experience, so do not dwell in the past; the present will be better. Stress is a part of human life that influences our day to day activities. Taoist Meditation works by affecting the nervous system in your body to help you relax. Taoist Meditation decreases the development of stress-related hormones like cortisol while increasing the production of beneficial chemicals like serotonin.

  • Deep sleep is necessary for the body’s proper functioning. When your brain works too quickly, you do not get enough sleep. This can also be called a hyperactive mind. Meditation on a regular basis relieves stress and thereby increases sleep efficiency.
  • More satisfaction equals less tension. Taoist Meditation will help you live a peaceful and stable life.
  • Meditating in a trance for 15-20 minutes every day can cure anxiety, sadness, and frustration.
  • The benefits of energy from internal sources are enhanced by frequent Taoist Meditation.
  • You live a disciplined life and build a strong reputation.
  • Meditation leads to improved focus.
  • When you practice Taoist Meditation on a daily basis, your consciousness grows and you eventually enter a state of highest consciousness.
  • This will assist you in learning more about yourself as well as life’s secrets.

Taoist Walking Meditation

Taoist walking meditation is an ancient way of interacting with nature and sharing resources. There are six stages to this meditative form. Each stage combines brisk walking with Taoist techniques for organizing our breath, body, mind, spirit, and qi. We learn to connect to the world around us in profound new ways while maintaining a vigorous pace. Taoist walking leaves one feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. It is equivalent to throwing open the windows of a house that has been closed for far too long. We bring qi from our surroundings into our bodies and let go of any stuck energy. Of course, any walk in the woods can have a similar impact.

If someone told you that by walking you can have harmony between your mind and body, would you believe? Taoist walking meditation does exactly this. There is not just one way to perform Taoist walking meditation; rather, there are a variety of approaches that can all be considered part of the practice. Visualization is often used in these methods. When compared to other walking meditation traditions, Taoist walking meditation focuses more on physical health and well being, though it also has mental and spiritual benefits.

Taoist walking meditation can also be used to help Taoist practitioners break free from their own bodies. When we first begin practising alchemy, we want to seal the physical body and create a body that is free of energetic leaks. This is excellent. It is essential for alchemy. However, at some stage during our preparation, we must leave the physical body and interact energetically with the world around us. That is when Taoist walking comes into play.

In some ways, all types of Taoist walking meditation are called energy practice, since they include consciousness and also visualization of the body’s subtle energies. The practitioner cultivates a calm state of consciousness, with the body balanced in a specific way, and the goal to offer physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits set from the outset.

Taoist Sleeping Meditation

Taoist Sleeping Meditation helps one to achieve a state that is close to that of hibernating animals. The body appears to be sleeping, but it is fully awake internally. This state of “real sleep” results in “true rest,” free of dreams that express and interact with our emotions and desires. As a result, mental clarity and energy levels have improved. One hour of Sleeping Meditation is said to be as restful as eight hours of regular sleep. Taoist Sleeping Meditation for the treatment of medical disorders, such as cold diseases or digestive issues is often covered in Taoist Sleeping Meditation

Taoist Inner Smile Meditation

These notes are intended to act as a refresher for those who have received instruction in meditation from a teacher. Some teachers consider the Inner Smile to be Taoism’s foundational meditation. It is a profound method of centreing that involves considering your body’s separate structures as well as your various emotions and bringing them together into a whole.

Taoist Inner Smile meditation directs healing energy to all areas of the body’s interior. You gather special positive energy and gently guide it around your body in three sequences during this meditation: the nervous system, the digestive system, and the inner organs. Taoist Inner Smile Meditation is a traditional Taoist practice in which we smile inwardly to each of our major organs, triggering the loving-kindness energy within us. This is a simple task that will take just 10 to 30 minutes to complete. Take these quick steps to get rid of your negative emotions:

The following are the steps to follow Taoist Inner Smile Meditation:

  • To begin, close your eyes and relax your entire body. Take long, smooth breaths, letting go on the exhalation.
  • Relax your facial muscles and concentrate on your third eye.
  • Feel happy inside. This feeling can be evoked by visualising a happy scene, a smiling infant, or your own smiling face.
  • Gather this bliss behind your eyes and watch it flow down your body internally.
  • Allow the smiling energy to flow down your nose and over your lips like a sweet stream.
  • In a sublime inner smile, raise the corners of your mouth slightly. Feel the eyes soften at the same time.
  • Link the energy circuit for the entire practice by placing the tongue behind the teeth.
  • Your jaw should be relaxed.
  • When you smile at your voice box, swallow your saliva and feel your throat open and relax. Thank them for endowing you with the ability to balance and talk.
  • Imagine your thymus as a blooming flower, and thank it for providing you with good immunity and healing energy.
  • Allow your smile to spread to your heart’s happiness centre. Feel your heart soften and fill with the sweet nectar of red love. On the exhalation, release cruelty, harshness, hastiness, impatience, and hurt from the heart. To release negativity, you can also tell Haaw. Send a heartfelt message to your open heart in the form of a smiling love note. Thank it for your love, empathy, joy, and healthy circulation.
  • Gather the caring energy from your heart and distribute it to your beautiful lungs. Feel every cell relax as it releases sorrow and depression by exhaling the sound Ssss. You can also imagine them as glowing white wings that will take you to your higher mission. Let your spongy lungs soak up laughter, passion, and bravery. Thank them for supplying oxygen to your body.
  • On the exhalation, the liver emits a forest green hue and releases a grey murky glow. Shhh is a sound that can be used to release indignation and frustration. Take in compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance as you smile as you inhale. Appreciate the liver’s function in digestion, metabolism, and purification.
  • To your liver, pancreas, and spleen, send pure smiling streams. When exhaling the sound Huuuu, visualize these organs bathing in a golden yellow light as they relax to relieve worry and anxiety. This area is saturated with feelings of trust, justice, and present mindedness. Thank your organs for keeping your digestion, immunity, and blood sugar levels in check.
  • Give a caring smile to your kidneys while keeping your body relaxed. Visualize them as deep blue ears, and exhale the sound Choo to release anxiety and tension from them. Smile as they fill with reassuring safety, knowledge, and peace. Thank them and the adrenals as blood is filtered, water is balanced, and stress tolerance is increased. Strong kidneys also give us the determination to follow through with our convictions.
  • Send the smiling energy to sexual areas. Feel them being bathed in the tender loving energy, appreciating the pleasure and power it gives you. Feel gratitude and thank it.
  • To finish, smile up your spine, allowing golden nectar to flow from each vertebra through the nervous system, bone marrow, bones, muscles, skin, and hair, washing the entire body.
  • The laughing waterfall cascades down to your crown, drenching your whole body in bliss.
  • Allow the energy to return to your naval and pool behind your eyes.
  • Spiral energy around your navel to finish the drill. Men spiral clockwise 36 times with their palms left over right, while women spiral counterclockwise 36 times with their palms right over left. Then spiral back 24 times in the opposite direction. You may prevent generating excess heat in the head or heart by storing smiling energy in the navel.

Noteworthy is that a subtle inner smile differs from a fake smile with secret motivations and intent, which is set on a fake face. It does not warrant, enforce, or anticipate anything in return. It is not a religiously superior or condescending smile, but rather one that recognizes things as they are.


Meditation is done to focus thoughts and raise awareness about oneself. Meditation can improve your mental health. Meditation can also relieve you from anxiety and stress. Meditation can also help you stay away from addiction. In meditative practices, you focus on training the mind to pay attention, so it becomes a tool for awareness and not a distraction. The popularity of meditation is increasing day by day as most people discover its many health benefits. Meditation is so beneficial that people are making it a part of their lifestyle. Many people do meditation to reduce their stress and also to develop concentration, so just smile and start meditating.

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