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How Does Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Help To Control Stress And Anxiety?

As we all know, how the pandemic has made its home here. It has become really difficult to deal with work from home culture. Well, maybe you will feel less motivated towards work and thereby creating a disturbance in physical and emotional well being. The constant staying home and working ideally at one place type of culture have an impact on your mental health. It is also said that there have been increased levels of depression due to stress and anxiety.

Stress, Anxiety And Depression

If the environmental impact of this pandemic has made it difficult for you to work and stay ideal, mindfulness-based stress reduction is the solution to your stress and anxiety reduction. Control your mind through mindfulness and attain mindfulness-based stress reduction training. Those struggling with pain to execute their physical activity routine can easily become prone to stress or anxiety. Any kind of medical support in terms of mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy can be of extreme help to Reduce Stress, Anxiety or Depression.

However, finding the motivation to practise mindfulness-based stress reduction can help you improve your physical and mental health. Most of the experts recommend teaming up with various physical and mental activities to help you relax. There are various hardcore as well low impact mindfulness-based stress reduction activities to help you support your health. You can also address the symptoms of your anxiety and depression to a mental health professional to get a better form of treatment for the same.

What Is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction?

Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a program that involves training in mindfulness through meditation and yoga for eight weeks. With mindfulness-based stress reduction practice, individuals work enthusiastically towards cultivating an awareness of the present. By increasing mindfulness, an individual aims to reduce the overall reaction and cations towards their emotions. A practice of mindfulness-based stress reduction can ultimately help you stay calm.

Various health conditions to benefit with the help of MBSR:

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Headaches
  • Anger Issues
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

Exercise And Barriers To Mindfulness

There are many reasons why people don’t feel motivated towards exercise. Some of them may include the lack of motivation, time or mere willingness to put up with discomfort. You can see how people suffering from anxiety or depression might want to shut themselves in and won’t feel the need to deal with people around them.

Beyond the practical hurdles, there are various emotional hurdles that impact the motivation to work out or even practice any therapy. People who have an exact schedule tend to have less anxiety. As much as we know about the benefits of physical exercise and mindfulness, a person dealing with anxiety or stress will have low energy and motivation.

Best Way To Motivate Mindfulness

This pandemic not only affected the working hours and environment but also the physical activities of the individual. With gyms shutting down, and public spaces being inaccessible, people have stopped working out or going for walks. However, weight loss, strength building and enjoyment with physical activities have become less important. This has to lead to mere degradation in the motivation of performing them and being physically active. However, you should know this terribly affects your mindfulness.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction has various benefits which will be discussed below and thus, to attain those benefits you will have to practice mindfulness meditation and thereby bring balance between your mental and physical health. Relief from anxiety and the pain from various chronic diseases is the biggest positive impact of following mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy, And thus, it can be used to motivate people to follow such a therapy.

Benefits Of Performing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Management
  • Insomnia
  • Depression relapse
  • Cognitive improvements

Pain Relief

Mindfulness-based stress reduction can help you relieve pain. It improves psychological well being. It can help you deal with chronic diseases and the pain that comes after them. According to researchers, there is a study that shows there is a great improvement in quality of life for people who are undergoing mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Stress Management

Under mindfulness-based stress reduction, you can undergo a program that can help you reduce stress levels. It can help you increase empathy in your behaviour. It is said that certain behavioural traits in you are based on your childhood traumas and memories. Thus, these existing beliefs lead you to overthink and ultimately to stress. A mindfulness-based stress reduction approach can often help overcome it. It has a positive impact on reducing biased opinion and the association amongst people of various age groups.


Some of the studies regarding mindfulness meditation suggest that MBSR can help you reduce certain factors like working and overthinking. These are the problems that contribute to insomnia. With Mindfulness-based stress reduction management, you can monitor sleep disturbance and thus, improve your sleeping schedule.

Depression Relapse

Mindfulness approaches towards preventing the recurrence of symptoms of depression. However, a mindfulness-based stress reduction approach can focus on altering negative impacts and patterns of your mind. In addition to negative impacts, it can also control emerging negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself as well as others. It is also believed that mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy is effective as antidepressants.

Cognitive Improvements

Mindfulness-based meditation may have cognitive benefits. This training and practice can lead to improvements in verbal fluency. As your mind becomes self-aware and stays in the present, it becomes easier to focus on your mood, memory and behaviour. There are also visible improvements in visual-spatial processing and functioning.

If you are considering practising mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy, make sure you pursue training at a medical centre or hospital. You need to find a class where this practice is taught by a qualified health professional. Apart from this if you are looking to approach the training of mindful based stress reduction for a particular disease you must mention it to the health professional and train in regards to the requirement. It is important to note that self-treating any diseases with training yourself in mindfulness meditation is not recommended. Start by taking standard care of yourself for any mental or physical disease.

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