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Spiritual Meditation: Mindfulness for Leading a Better Life

At its core, meditation is a practice of mindfulness, and spiritual meditation is one of its branches that connects us to something greater, deeper, and bigger than ourselves. It is a path to self-awareness and genuine self-reflection.

Each meditation technique needs discipline, integrity, modesty, and authenticity. The more authentic you are, the easier it becomes to meditate. Because meditation shows you your literal self, your acceptance and realness will only make things easier for you.

The process of meditation in itself takes time. Overnight success should not be expected. Discipline and consistency are the keys to spiritual meditation. If you are consistent enough to practice meditation daily, you will get sublime results.

Spiritual Power of Meditation

Spending 10 minutes in the morning for Spiritual Meditation is more than enough. Early in the morning, you are still quite sleepy. It helps you in getting into the meditative state relatively faster than any other time of the day.

Get Into the Position of Meditation

Begin your meditation at a comfortable place and position by sitting straight, closing your eyes, and observing your thoughts. Don’t strain your mind for holding onto thoughts. Let go of each thought regardless of its nature – positive or negative.

Familiarize With the Process

Understand, the level of sincerity one shows towards Spiritual Meditation directly results in their progress. Now, meditation doesn’t have to be stressful. Loosen up, let it go and know that it should take a natural course.

Let your subconscious take over your conscious state. Try to be the audience in your mind. Just observe the thoughts as if you have no control over them. Watch them come and go on their own. It will help you to avoid clinging to your thoughts unnecessarily. Don’t think about the outcome or the result of it. Live in the present state of mind and relax when you are practising Spiritual Meditation.

Address the Thoughts

Know that your thoughts are not your reality. While practising Spiritual Meditation acknowledge what you see without actually reacting to it. Your reaction is the main factor that affects everything in your life and within yourself. The stress, anxiety, and negativity you suffer from directly affect how your mind reacts to specific thoughts that cause you discomfort.

Chant If Needed

Now chanting does not mean praying or reciting hymns in your head in Spiritual Meditation. It simply means chant words or phrases that could distract you from getting carried away with your thoughts. Do so only if you find yourself distracted. The terms could be related to anything – nature, wildlife, or mantras.

Contemplate on Yourself

Notice how your body feels after this amazing Spiritual Meditation. Notice your surroundings and what state your mind is in. Let your body absorb the effects of meditation. Notice how you are becoming less agitated than before. Accept how your reaction to the process is natural.

Key to Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation requires a person to have faith in himself/herself.

Let Go of Your Grudge

Difficulty in forgiving someone who has hurt you or someone you care about is normal. But as your spiritual meditation practice comes into play, you’ll realise that clutching onto grudges will only be painful to you and others. If you forgive faster, you will move on quicker.

Don’t let your journey to spiritual awareness get ruined by your lack of forgiving. Train the brain to let go by practising mindfulness and wishing good for others. It will not happen overnight or suddenly but letting go is the only solution to letting go of resentment and pain.

Make Others Your Focus

Benefiting others is true spirituality. It starts with the self first and then reaches others. When we see through ourselves, we know who we are with kindness and love. Extending this love and compassion to others will only make your spiritual aspirations stronger. As we go on with this practise, we see that the more we look after others, the less we think of our desires and frustrations. It is easy to realise that happiness is all we want while practising Spiritual Meditation, and everybody is trying to get away from pain.

Be Authentic

Stop pretending to be someone else. Everyone is acting these days and trying to create a delusion about themselves in front of others. People grow so used to it that they forget who they are. They fail to make out the difference between what has created and what they are.

Embracing authenticity and gaining clarity is all Spiritual Meditation is about. When you know who you are and what you want, that kind of clarity leads you to a healthier and wealthier life.

Be Accepting of Change

New opportunities related to any aspect of your life might be knocking on your door at any time. Guided Spiritual Meditation can open us to the truth of relativity. It’s a huge thing to accept that we are just a small piece of mass and are free to explore the more important things of life.

When we dwell dig into self-obsession, it becomes harmful to us. We get accustomed to living in the comfort zone. Hence, it’s okay to open our minds to all the possibilities available to ourselves.


It is essential to know that all your thoughts are only in your mind. They can just become your reality if you let them. Most of the things in life revolve around and depend on your reactions to everything happening around you. Calm your mind through Spiritual Meditation to find your purpose in life and make the most out of it with daily spiritual meditations.

“A distracted mind has no footprints. Few thoughts from the moment, no thought is traceable.” It fits perfectly with our generation because everybody seems to be distracted. It is hard to find someone with a clear vision and a definite purpose. Spiritual meditation is something that will lead you to the path of finding yourself along with your goal. It will provide you with a closer look at yourself.