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Prayer Meditation

“This immersion in energy is prayer meditation. This prayer changes you and when you change, the whole existence also changes”-Osho.

Prayer Meditation is something that we all do knowingly or unknowingly. The question is can we do it consciously? It could also be called positive thinking in a way. It is said that every thought and emotion that your mind holds, there is a release of hormones in your body. So basically we are all a soup of our thoughts and emotions, now the question is whether the soup is sweet or acidic. If a simple thought or emotion can have such a huge impact on human minds and bodies, there will surely be masters who would have found out the technique of mastering it, if not totally, at least to the well-being of oneself. Researchers have proven if a human being continues to maintain pleasantness in mind and body even for 24 hours, your body, mind, and soul start the healing process. It is very unfortunate for most of us that we cannot remember having spent 24 hours without worrying about any stuff.

We frequently come across people who have gained whatever they wished for. This is the strength of a burning desire or focusing on a specific goal all the time. Another quite common case that we would see around is that people who wanted to achieve something very badly, after achieving it, attracted many other unwanted consequences that came as side effects to the burning desire or focus that they achieved. The most common example is our youth trying to become millionaires, very quickly, at the cost of health and wellness. Most of the planned crimes that happen in the world are a result of an uncontrolled burning desire.

Let us look at it in another way. You wanted a luxurious villa and you slogged 10 years tirelessly to get it. Your point of focus was “a luxurious house” all these 10 years. You got the luxurious house after 10 years. It makes you happy and gives you a sense of fulfillment. Once you reach there, you realize these 10 years you compromised with your health, you compromised your precious relationship, and most importantly, you forgot to be happy these 10 years. In contrast to that, if you would have focused on your happiness, all that you need would have been accomplished with ease. There is a technique to do this. And, it is called Prayer Meditation. “Mannat” is one such thing that is so common in Indian culture practiced even today. It is a vow where you ask God to accomplish your wish. It could be anything. This is also called the magic of belief. If you can get your mind to believe in something firmly, which again is a way of focusing, more often than not, your action, emotion, and thoughts get a manifestation.

We looked at the effects of burning desire, belief, thoughts, and emotions on us. Now the magic happens when you add gratitude and consciousness to all the above-mentioned human powers. Gratitude and consciousness act as the control system. Without the control system, it is similar to nuclear powers without any control. This is how we humans are functioning right now. Daily Prayer Meditation is the control. This is a powerful process.

You will find lots of help on digital media regarding the guided prayer meditation.

Things You Should Know About Prayer Meditation

  • Benefits Of Prayer
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Similarity between Prayer and Meditation
  • Combine Prayer and Meditation
  • How to do Guided Prayer Meditation
  • Time and Duration
  • Conclusion

Benefits of Prayer

  • Desired success in a task
  • Attaining peace of mind
  • Takes one from gross to the subtle
  • Effortless communion with god
  • Turning inward

Prayer is talking to God. It is more of letting out the suppressed thoughts and emotions in the form of desires, suppressed thoughts, or gratitude.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduces work stress, emotional stress, depression, anxiety, pain
  • Increases focus
  • Increases creativity
  • Increases memory
  • Increases compassion
  • Increases productivity

Meditation is more trying to do absolutely nothing. There are various types of meditations.

The Similarity Between Prayer and Meditation

  • Both focus on mind and body
  • In theory, there are 7 billion different types of prayer. There are also 7 billion different types of meditation
  • Each person has a different goal for their session. Thousands of different prayers exist, as do thousands of meditations
  • Both can be silent or spoken aloud

Combine Prayer and Meditation

If you can work with thought, breath, and awareness, it reverberates within you for some time, even after you are not sitting for prayer and meditation. Holding a specific thought while inhaling and holding another thought while exhaling with a mild focus between your eyebrows. This is considered Prayer Meditation. It is also an effort to be in a union or be in the company of the creative self or your subconscious or the life within you.

It is said, experiencing serenity or calmness is not possible without a deep sense of gratitude. Such is the magic of gratitude. To experience your true self, you have to dissolve your sense of yourself or in other words your ego or Ahankara. When you grade something more important than yourself, you automatically dissolve your ego. Every animal has a survival instinct where nothing is more important than your own self, but humans have transcended the evolutionary process. And definitely, you can consciously dissolve your sense of yourself. Daily prayer meditation is extremely effective. If you make morning prayer meditation a part of your daily schedule, it will provide you with stability.

How to Do Guided Prayer Meditation

  • Step 1. Be silent.
  • Step 2. Sit in a cross-legged posture. Fold your hands in Anjali Mudra in front of your heart.
  • Step 3. Breathe into the heart. Connect your energy to the energy of the heart. The heart center is both the seat of your subtle sense of existence and the traditional center for communion with the Divine.
  • Step 4. As you place your awareness in the heart, don’t worry about whether your heart feels soft or open. One of the purposes of prayer is to help you move deeper into the heart. So start from where you are.
  • Step 5. Hold the prayer or thought for as long as you can. Just ignore any hindrance created by the mind.

Time and Duration

Though morning prayer and meditation has special significance, guided prayer meditation could be done any time of the day. The duration could be as long as you can.


For people who do not want to get deep into spirituality and still want to reap the benefits of getting nature’s help or support in shaping your life as you want, Daily Prayer Meditation is the solution. The simplest thing that you should keep in mind is that there are stronger forces around you that have the ability to transform your life and you are at the center of it.

Do not forget to be thankful and grateful for whatever you have, the life, being the most precious of them all.

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