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Know The Various Benefits Of Om Mantra Meditation

ॐ, mainly in Hinduism as well as in several other religions, is a sacred syllable, considered the greatest of all mantras, or sacred sutras. The syllable Om is made up of three sounds a-u-m, which represent various other mantras. The three worlds of earth, atmosphere and heaven, or thought, speech and action, the three qualities of matter, including goodness, passion and darkness, awaken in the form of these swaras in the three sacred Vedic texts Rigveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda.

Thus, Om symbolizes the essence of the entire universe. It is said at the beginning and end of Hindu prayers, mantras and meditation and is also used independently in Buddhist and Jain rituals. Since the sixth century, a written symbol designating a sound has been used to mark the beginning of a text in a manuscript or inscription.

The syllable Om is discussed in various Upanishads, and it forms the entire subject matter of the  Mandukya Upanishad. It is also used in the practice of yoga and is related to the techniques of auditory meditation. The syllable has been kept for communal use in the Puranas. Thus, the Shaivas mark the lingam, or the sign of Shiva, with the symbol of Om. Let us know in detail about the various uses of the words Om, meaning of Om and the benefits of Om mantra.

The Meaning Of Om Mantra

ॐ word is very intense and comprehensive, it can be extremely difficult to decipher its meaning through a line or terminology. Om or Oom is a sacred sound commonly known as the sound of the universe. Om is omnipresent, the essence of ultimate reality, and it unifies everything in the universe. The vibrations created by the Om sound are believed to activate the chakras throughout the body, especially the third eye and crown chakra, which help us connect with our divine selves.

The Om sound is a short, seed mantra that is chanted to connect to and activate the chakras. The Om symbol represents sound in a visible form and there is a lot of meaning behind it. Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols and is used in many ancient Hindu texts, prayers and ceremonies.

The Significance Of Om Meditation

Om symbol is a combination of a curve, a crescent and a dot. The meaning of the symbol, given its purely visual form, comes from states of consciousness that represent infinite power. The letter A represents the waking state, U represents the dream state and M is the unconscious state or the state of deep sleep.

In OM the waking state is represented by the lower curve, the dream state by the middle curve and the deep sleep state by the upper curve. The crescent shape above the curves represents maya, or illusion, which is the obstacle that comes in the way of reaching the highest state of bliss. The dot at the top of the symbol represents the absolute state, which is the fourth state of consciousness and complete peace and bliss. This fourth stage is considered to be the stage in which a person can truly connect with God. The unconscious, or deep sleep, is the state where the mind stops, dreams and wants nothing. The waking state is normal consciousness, which looks outward and involves the use of the five senses in experiencing the world. The dream state is when the consciousness turns inward and a different world is experienced through dreams. The perfect state is when the consciousness is neither inward nor outward, but calm and blissful in the ultimate spiritual state.

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Use Of The Om Chant

Symbols and Om chanting are both today often used worldwide. The meaning of Om symbol is very powerful and can be important as many people can relate to it. Om chanting symbolizes peace and unity and reminds people to slow down and breathe. Thus, the use of Om chanting as a symbol is very popular.

Yoga and Om Meditation

The Om mantra is also widely repeated in yoga and meditation practices. It is used because sound, and its vibrations, help to calm the mind and the central nervous system. Stress can easily build up in our busy day-to-day lives, so taking some time to chant and calm the mind can be very helpful and beneficial for our health. Om also means unity, so when the sound is uttered in a yoga class, it brings the group together.

It is believed that chanting Om helps in aligning the body, mind and spirit, which is why people feel more connected to themselves after meditating and practising the mantra. Between the mantras, there is silence, which represents the fourth state of consciousness.

Chanting Om daily has many benefits. These include reducing stress levels, improving concentration, regulating your sleep cycle, warding off negativity, and feeling more energized and energized.

How To Chant Om Mantra

Although there is no need for any particular time, place or stage. But while chanting the Om mantra, you must take care of the precautions related to its pronunciation. Let us discuss in detail some of the techniques of Om chanting.

The First Stage Of Om Meditation

For the first position of Om meditation, sit in Siddhasana, Padmasana or Sukhasana. Keep your waist, neck and back straight. Keep the eyes and make anjuli mudra with both the hands and keep it near the navel. Now chant the Om mantra continuously. While chanting Om in Om meditation, by making more use of the body along with the mind, the body becomes completely absorbed in the sound of Omkar.

During Om meditation, the mantra should be recited in a rhythmic and calm manner. In this way, by chanting Omkar, a unique vibration starts invisibly in the body and mind, these vibrations arising in the body are the waves of Omkar sound.

The Second Stage Of Om Meditation

After the first position, chant Om in the second position. In the second position Om is chanted in the mind. For this also, while in the previous posture, close the lips and keep the tongue on the palate. Keep in mind that the mouth, throat and tongue should not be used in this situation. Once the right position is attained, chanting of Om should be done vigorously in the mind. Even while speaking in the mind, the movement of the mantra should be in the same rhythm as in the first position. In this process, the sound produced by chanting Omkar resonates inside the body and there is no need to stop breathing in it. Keep doing this action continuously without stopping.

The Third Stage Of Om Meditation

During the third action of Om chanting, the chanting of Om in the mind is stopped and the sound produced by the chanting of Om is experienced only from the inner senses. The most important thing about this action is that you have to feel it, you have to feel that the sound of Om is being pronounced in the inner body itself. In this way while meditating on Om in the mind, you will feel that the subtle sound of Om is resonating inside the body. You will feel that Om chanting is resonating everywhere. In this situation, you will hear the sound of ‘Om’ all around you.

Om And Yoga

Om symbol and Om chanting are both used around the world today. The meaning of Om symbol is very powerful. The symbol of Om is a symbol of peace and unity.

In the Hindu tradition, the sound of Om is considered a complement to the incorporation of the entire universe. It is the first sound from the beginning of time and includes the present and the future. It is extremely difficult to clearly state its importance and power. In the chakra system, it is associated with the agnya chakra, the third eye, which represents intuition and self-knowledge. Om is also a beeja mantra that is used during meditation to create many other mantras. For example, Om Namah Shivaya means – I honor my inner divinity. Om Shanti means peace be with you and it lies within you. But here it is also very important to note that yoga is not related to any religion, mantras containing Om and Om are commonly used in spiritual practices where they are given a lot of respect. Being mindful of its religious and historical significance makes it easy to use the same respect when incorporating Om into your daily life or yoga routine.

Chanting Om at the beginning of a yoga class takes practitioners to the time and place they are going to spend in meditation. Similarly, chanting Om at the end of class indicates that your physical practice is over and it is time to re-enter your normal life. Chanting Om Naam together in a group also helps to unite the group and create a sense of unity. As you feel the vibration of the mantra.

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The Benefits Of Chanting Om

Some of the benefits associated with the Om mantra are explained in detail below.

Reduces stress and calms down the mind

The chanting of Om mantra helps us to calm the mind and reduce stress. The Om mantra is repeated to attain a state of peace in both body and mind. A research was done and students were told to chant Om and then carry out their routine work. Their mind waves were recorded. Initially, irregular waves were recorded in their chanting, indicating an unstable mind. When they returned, their mind was found to be much more calm and stable. So, it is clear that when the mind is stable, the tension subsides.

Inner peace and healing

When our mind is calm, the body can be more relaxed and breathing becomes more rhythmic and slow. Studies have shown that these elements of OM chanting together – can speed healing at the cellular level while also calming the mind and slowing down the body.

Helps tune the body

When we are calm, focused and relaxed, we are in a good place for our physical exercises. When we use any mantra to help us get at the beginning of our practice, we have space in both body and mind to go deeper into our practice. We limit injuries when we are listening and in tune with our bodies.

Prepare for deep meditation

It is said that chanting clears the energy around us. This combined with relaxation of the body and focus of the mind makes it the perfect place for a deep and therapeutic meditation practice.

Cleans the surrounding environment

The place where yoga is done is called Yogashala. And that school is in contact with all the energies of every yogi coming in and out. When we chant Om, we purify the energy of space so that positive and curative energies support our own practice. This energy is helpful not only to you but also to those who will practice after you.


Om is of immense importance to the Hindu religion and the Hindus. As per Hinduism, Om is the essence of all existence and creation. The significance of Aum has also spread to other religions of the Indian origin. Indeed, Om signifies everything and everything. It is not only religiously important, but also spiritually as it helps you elevate to your higher self.