Sun in the sixth house of the horoscope

Sun in the sixth house of the horoscope

In Vedic astrology, the sixth house of the horoscope is related to the health and well being of the person. Which also includes the building of the ability to face and fight the adversities of life in a comprehensive form of health. We all make mistakes, face challenges and shortcomings. How we deal with difficulties and challenges defines our personality. Well, this is what the sixth house includes, which is helpful in dealing with those difficulties and challenges. Essentially, the sixth sense is about your fear, and how you overcome it. So, a person who has Sun in the sixth house of his horoscope will be more involved in day to day activities of life than most other people.

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Areas affected by Sun in the 6th house

  • relations
  • occupation
  • finance and money
  • attitude towards people
  • health and well being

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Positive symptoms/effects

Since the sixth house is responsible for removing the problems and ensuring the safety and security. Thus, the presence of Sun in the 6th house makes the native very cautious. They are very cautious about their health, that is why they do not suffer from any major health ailments.

Apart from this, the sixth house also indicates a large number of growth or advancement to a higher or more responsible level of position after persistent efforts. Such people are very determined and dedicated in their work. People who have Sun in the sixth house in their horoscope try very hard to develop skills, which can help them to move ahead in the field of employment. They are able to increase their personal worth and importance. They distinguish themselves from the rest of the colleagues, and want to outperform them, which earns them a lot of recognition and appreciation. Will you outdo your professional rivals in the coming year? Get 2023 detailed yearly horoscope to know your future.

Along with this, generally the natives of Sun in the sixth house are not egoistic. They mix easily with people. Their overall temperament is not aggressive and they get on quite well with everyone.

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Negative symptoms/effects

The presence of Sun in the sixth house creates such a personality in the person, who is focused towards health in daily activities. However, instead of obsessing about all these things, they should focus on self-improvement. They should analyze themselves physically and mentally and move towards perfection by removing their shortcomings and weaknesses. They will discover themselves by practicing the virtues of loving and serving others.

Natives with Sun in the 6th house can be quite harsh as an employer. They can be very possessive and demanding. His subordinates will not like to work with him. According to career astrology, people who have Sun in the sixth house in their horoscope are demanding and aware of their rights even as an employee.

Apart from this, people with the position of the Sun in the sixth house in the horoscope want a perfect work situation. So they expect their boss to be as understanding and appreciative as a good father would be. But this does not always happen and this thing can bother the natives. Get your horoscope and know what are the hindrances in your success.

Along with this, the people having the presence of Sun in the sixth house of the horoscope are very conscious about their duties. But they should also take care that they should not be overly dominated or exploited while performing their duty. They should maintain their independence and keep their ideas and suggestions effective and clear. They should concentrate on completing their work instead of focusing on interpersonal issues.

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The natives of the presence of Sun in the sixth house of the horoscope always fight with fearful and uncomfortable situations and try to get the well-being and security in their life. They attach great importance to their health and well-being. He is like a brave fighter and dynamic hero who does everything he can to make life better for himself and his loved ones.

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