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Significance of Mars in the first or ascendant house of the horoscope

कुंडली के प्रथम या लग्न भाव में मंगल की महत्ता

As told in the Vedic astrologer. The first house of the horoscope is about the person’s self. Therefore it is also the sense of beginning, and any creation begins with the sense of self. Because when the person is himself then only someone else will come. That’s why the importance of the first house is the most, which is also called the lagna house. If there are some fundamental factors in Vedic astrology, which affect human destiny, then the first house is the root of that astrology. As Mars, also known as the Red Planet in astronomy, is considered a fierce and aggressive planet. The natives of Mars ascendant are logical and of angry nature. When it comes to Mars in the first house or ascendant house, such natives are likely to be physically strong and courageous. He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm in his personality.

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Areas affected by Mars in the first or ascendant house

professional life
social image
Attitude and Personality

Positive symptoms/effects

The people in whose horoscope Mars is located in the first house, they are dynamic and full of energy. Once they set their mind for some work, then no one can stop them. Their life is full of activity and they can accept any challenge. But they should also take utmost care that while fulfilling their ambitions, they should not hurt any other person. The natives of Mars in the first house are active in their profession with many projects in hand. They constantly do something new and unique. Due to which there can be a lot of prosperity and enthusiasm in their life. You are efficient and effective in your professional work and adjustments.

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Apart from this, they know very well how to give shape to an idea once it comes to mind. However, if they get angry when others create obstacles in the implementation of their ideas. They are clear about their goals, and pursue them without any reservation. According to Mars in the first house of the horoscope, unexpected results of their actions can also be seen. The natives of Mars in the first house do not react to the negative comments made by others. Which makes them completely positive. Not only this, their social prestige also increases. They are popular among the people around them. Apart from this, they havehttps://products.ganeshaspeaks.com/talk-to-astrologer/ a very good grip on the situations of life. For example, when an important decision has to be taken, they may not decide, but still their decision is the best in that current situation.

Negative symptoms/effects

They are very dynamic and energetic. According to astrology, they do everything with a brave attitude and a lot of enthusiasm. Then they decide their actions with the intention of their action. The process of their efforts becomes quite mechanical. They should not use their mind too much. Hence, it would be better to do things in a more organized and planned manner. Make a better life plan according to them.The decision taken in haste can be harmful. Although it is good to be active and courageous, but if it is not alert and careful, then it can get into trouble, and the chances of this increase even more because Aries is the lord of the first house. There is a habit of taking decisions and not taking advice from others. Working alone is not a problem. But when they try to do everything alone while being in a group, this can become a cause of trouble. While working in groups, they should also seek everyone’s advice at least once.


Not only are they fierce and aggressive, but they are also active and dynamic. The bottom line is that they need to control their energy, use it positively, creatively and productively. Also, they should be more organized and planned for their activities. If they work in an unorganized manner, they lose the chances of achieving the desired success. But if work with proper planning, can get higher position.

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