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Significance of Mercury in the first house of the horoscope

कुंडली के पहले भाव में बुध की महत्ता

According to Indian astrology, Vedic astrology begins with the first house. It represents the personality of the native, which is also known as the lagna house of the native. The importance of the first house of the horoscope lies in the fact that the soul of everything is at its center. It is the ultimate reference point for each individual. Being a planet close to the Sun, it signifies the mental nature of a person. As the mentality of a person is, he sees other things in the same way. That’s why the planet Mercury is also responsible for intelligence and communication. Hence the presence of Mercury in the first house gives rise to a very sociable character, who has a quick-thinking intelligent mind.

Areas affected by Mercury in the first house

Career and Professional Life
personal life and relationships
expression and communication skills
Attitude towards knowledge and learning

Positive symptoms/effects

Natives having presence of Mercury in the first house of the horoscope are inspired by the thrill of the unknown. They are always looking for something new and exciting. He is a very interesting person. who have a wide range of interests. They have a very brilliant mind, which is filled with a lot of different ideas and information. They are rich in versatility. They are always trying to learn something new and something that inspires them to work outside their comfort zone. Their vibrant personality inspires others to follow them. The most important aspect of their personality is that they always believe in change. They are always dynamic, approachable and flexible. Since Mercury is the symbol of communication, and we see that the conversation is always going on, and never stops. Therefore, the people who have Mercury in the first house of their horoscope, they also always go with the changes. The most important thing in the people who have Mercury in the first house of their horoscope is that they always believe in the right of expression. We do. Their natural curiosity helps them store a lot of information in their brain. They are always ready to learn, and don’t wait for a special day. But will your brain give you success in the year 2023.

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Negative symptoms/effects

The adventurous nature of the people having presence of Mercury in the first house of the horoscope cuts both ways. Their habit of always learning something new can be costly in some aspects of life. For example, they can start a new plan, but only a little bit can follow it till the end to complete it. This lack of it can harm them. So if they want to rise up in life, they need to rectify this shortcoming.

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First Natives with Mercury in house have the ability to dominate while discussing with people and to divert the discussion to the topic in which they are interested. They are too busy thinking what to listen to that they do not have to pay attention to others. It is true that their enthusiasm would have been effective soon, but then their tone could be rude. Therefore, they are advised to give more importance to the words of others. At the same time, they should also keep in mind that they should not be insensitive towards the feelings and wishes of others. The natives of Mercury in the first house are loud and uninhibited. They say whatever is going on in their mind. At the same time, they dislike such people, who make things round and round, because their thoughts and words are very clear and straight.


Such people are intelligent and interesting. They are always full of new conversations and ideas. But even then their being flexible and searching for new things all the time can also become their weakness. They cannot catch those things which are important in life. Patience is one of the basic fundamental requirements of success, which should be inculcated even if it doesn’t come naturally.

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