Sun and Ketu Conjunction in First House/Ascendent : Vedic Astrology

Sun and Ketu Conjunction in First House/Ascendent : Vedic Astrology

Sun is about energy and centrality in life. Ketu is about the end of wrong and evil and the passage towards the noble and spiritual. While Sun stands for the highest level of achievement, Ketu is about realising the demerit of gross materialism and a shift towards the spiritual and ethical. So, when Sun and Ketu come together in the 1st house (also known as the Ascendant, which represents Self), the outcome is bound to be different and distinct. Well, when Ketu and Sun are together in the 1st house, it can make the native quite secretive and mysterious. The choices which he/she makes in business and career may seem to be quite strange and different to many people. It is said that the presence of Ketu lessens the Sun’s shine and renders our celestial father incapable of giving positive results. Sun and Ketu conjunction in the 1st house may delay the developments in the life of the native.

The Areas Affected Due to Sun-Ketu Conjunction in the 1st House:

  • Ethics and righteousness
  • Business and career
  • Attitude towards life
  • Attitude towards society

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Positive Traits/Impact:

Our ego makes us isolated as it creates a wall between the person and the world around us. The natives of Sun Ketu conjunction have a subdued ego. So, these individuals can become highly spiritual in life. They may also have confidence issues. But that is likely to get resolved.

It is said that around 32 to 35 years in age, their confidence level can get a boost. When the natives of Sun and Ketu in 1st house get their confidence, they can go places.

Negative Traits/Impact:

Well, Sun Ketu conjunction in 1st house can create low confidence and lack of ego in the life of the native. A low ego especially when coupled with a lack of self-confidence can create problems for the native. It may obstruct his/her professional growth, as per Sun Ketu conjunction Vedic astrology.

Sun is our central core, our soul or the essence, which defines us and our personality. When Sun comes into contact with Ketu, it creates fear in the minds of the natives, due to the baggage of the past karma. This fear can make the native insecure, which may lead him/her to immorality and the unrighteous means and methods. The native may hatch conspiracies against the individuals with whom they compete. This may turn him/her into a wrong human being.

The natives may have to work harder in order to succeed in life. They will put in a lot of efforts, but due to some or the other reason, they will not reach their much-desired destination. Despite strong efforts, they will stay away from the limelight. Ketu and Sun are strong enemies. As the Sun provides recognition, fame, prosperity, there is a constant risk that your social and public image may get tarnished by the higher authorities in the government or even the elder members of your family. Besides, due to the planetary placement, the maternal relatives of the native may face problems.

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The natives of Sun Ketu conjunction can be spiritual and ethical. But they should manage their fears and insecurities effectively. If they are unable to do, it may lead to a worse situation. The natives of Sun conjunct Ketu in 1st house can resolve their problems if they act keeping in mind their reality and the blueprint of their destiny, as deciphered by Astrology.

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