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Cancer Weekly Money And Finances Horoscope


Cancer Weekly

19-05-2024 – 25-05-2024

During the most of the part of this week, planetary aspects are to remain favorable for finances. The money flow will be unhindered and plenty.

You may however encounter some problems with your family members on some important financial matters or deals. Compromises and adjustments will be necessary to avoid disruptions in your financial planning.

Cash flow will be more than enough to cover your expenses during this week. .

Weekly Horoscopes By Areas of Life

As the week begins, there will be some internal turmoil within you and showing your emotions to others may not be the easiest thing for you. But planets could push you to open up as the week advances. Under the influence of some favorable planetary influences during the latter half, sharing your feeling and emotions with a romantic counterpart or with a close friend could be the key to pacify your intense feelings. You will require to make an effort to better understand what is happening internally during this week.

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Planets may demand more attention for your health during this week. If you are suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, you will need to be extra attentive. You will need to practice meditation and Pranyam regularly. It will also help you handle mental stress and turmoil well. Gradually, planetary favours may help you to negate the adverse impact on your health and you will be able to manage your fitness well as the week progresses.

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The beginning of this week will be all about communication, especially within your immediate work group. Make sure everyone will be on same page and speaking the same language. The period around the midweek could bring obstacles, so don’t expect smooth progress. It could be difficult for you as new obstacles crop up or old ones return to haunt you during this week. Don’t look for any shortcuts for gains if you are doing business. You will have to deal with the problems head-on. It will be the time to act smartly with patience.

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This week will not be so fruitful period for the matters related to your education. Your performance in exams will be below par or you will be struggling to find desired grades. You may have to put in much more effort to clear your pending projects. If you are appearing for any competitive examination, better you go for additional help and guidance from your mentors. However, some strong distractions may lure you, derailing you from your ambitions. Stay true to your aims.

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